A ready-to-use Data Centre

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EBRC Resilience Centre South Luxembourg

The Data Centre, the cornerstone of corporate strategy

Data Centres dictate the foundations of every company's strategy. They must meet the regulatory requirements of their sector, demonstrate very high infrastructure availability, have the necessary physical and virtual control points in place to protect data, and be ready to support green and sustainable growth. 

Being able to get your business up and running quickly, or being able to grow your business just as quickly, could be the main reason for choosing a ready-to-use Data Centre.  

Ready-to-use and highly modular

With 15,000m² of IT space, EBRC offers flexible, ready-to-use Data Centre solutions to meet all your regulatory requirements and business needs: 

  • From a rack to a private room: EBRC offers scalable hosting solutions ranging from a single rack (bay) to a fully private room. All without compromising on the energy efficiency or security of your equipment.

Get the capacity you need to anticipate your growth. 

  • The benefits of a highly available turnkey Data Centre: Take advantage of an infrastructure that is more than 99.995% available, i.e. a maximum cumulative downtime of 26 minutes per year. 
  • An offer that adapts to your needs: Need a customised Data Centre? EBRC offers fully modular services which will help if you think you may need to extend your infrastructure in the future or need support in your transformation to the Cloud or Multi-Cloud. 

EBRC Data Centres are also available as part of shared or privatised hosting offers. 

  • Security at the heart of our offering: Access managed by your teams, on-site control points, additional security measures to comply with business or technical requirements, the security of your infrastructure and your data is a priority for us. 
  • Certified equipment that meets the highest standards: Our Data Centres are certified to meet your requirements (confidential, secret, ultra-secret). We also have Tier IV certification (the highest level of certification possible for a Data Centre). 

EBRC’s added value

  • Know-how and expertise: Resilience and Data Centres are EBRC's core businesses. On a daily basis, we operate and manage 3 Tier IV Data Centres, which we make available to the most critical companies and public institutions. 
  • Experts at your service to tailor the offer to meet your needs: Whatever your sector, the size of your business or the specific nature of your requirements, our experts are on hand to model your project so that it matches your activity and business priorities as closely as possible.  
  • Associated services: Our Trusted Services Europe give you access to the entire IT value chain: consulting services, IT outsourcing, cloud computing, cybersecurity, resilience and Data Centres. 

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They trust us:

  • adwäisEO: AdwäisEO offers its customers the best geo-intelligence source and repository. AdwäisEO needed a highly-available IT environment capable of adapting to significant load increases (processing of several petabytes of remote sensing data)

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  • A service operator for the financial sector, for whom we provided dedicated Data Centre space. The main focus was on access and data security, confidentiality, and compliance with the regulatory constraints and obligations of the financial sector. 

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  • European institutions and the public sector: we host a large number of Data Centre-based infrastructures for European institutions and the public sector. We have adapted our offering to provide them with secure infrastructures that meet their needs as closely as possible. 

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