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Why choose us as your Trusted IT Partner in Luxembourg

Our vision

Who is EBRC?

European Business Reliance Centre was founded in 2000 with the aim of meeting the digital economy’s challenges, ensuring its safety and continuity, and becoming a European reliance centre in the management and protection of sensitive information.
For our infrastructure - EBRC

For our infrastructure

EBRC is a unique European company that has mastered the entire value chain of outsourcing IT services: we advise, design, build and operate from our own three Tier IV Data Centers certified by Uptime Institute.

Our clients can benefit from a comprehensive “one-stop shop” service centre to assist them in completing their digital transformation, implementing tailor-made projects, and launching their activities at the heart of the European Union.

Our Data Centers comprise more than 15,000 sqm of private and shared server space spread out across Luxembourg with very low latency times (London - 8 ms; Brussels - 3.5 ms; Paris - 4.6 ms; Frankfurt - 4.5 ms). Because digital businesses and transactions never sleep, EBRC offers state-of-the-art infrastructures specifically designed to meet client-critical business requirements that rely on the digital economy.

Our Data Center infrastructures, designed to be resilient, have never experienced any downtime since 2000. As a result, we ensure 100% availability for our clients’ IT infrastructures.

For our location

Located in the heart of digital Europe, Luxembourg is an attractive country for developing business and mitigating risks. With 60% of the European GDP reachable in less than one-hour flight, you can easily access the European market.

Why Luxembourg?

A unique mindset:

Europe’s leading investment fund centre and 2nd worldwide after New York (USA).

Political and social stability:

Luxembourg is AAA-rated by all three major credit-rating agencies.

A key location:

Luxembourg is located in a low risk region for natural disasters.

A central position in Europe:

The country is a founding member of Europe and is part of the Schengen Zone.

For our ecological awareness

For our ecological awareness

Across the world, Data Centers consume between 1 and 2% of the produced energy. By adapting the design and construction of our three Data Centers, we have created eco-efficient IT infrastructures using 100% green electricity.

We have reduced our carbon emissions by 10,000 tons per year by using technical innovations such as:

  • Kyoto wheels to optimise “air to air” heat exchange,
  • Racks equipped with corridors that channel cool air to optimise energy performance,
  • Free cooling technology optimised by pulverised water spray.

For our values

Our visual identity reflects our values and expertise
EBRC Inuksuk

In Inuit culture, an Inuksuk is a structure made of stones, created by Man for Man, to preserve food, store equipment and help find their bearings in changing and potentially hostile environments.

It represents the HEART of EBRC:
  • Human: we are committed to our clients’ success. We build on diversity and team spirit
  • Excellence: we continuously strive to innovate and deliver state-of-the-art services
  • Agility: we create resilient services to overcome uncertainty
  • Responsibility: we understand our impact on the planet and take initiatives for a sustainable future
  • Trust: we create confidence through long-term partnerships

This symbol, our logo, ties in perfectly with the resilience, solidarity and orientation. It is a concept which stands out and is coherent with our company history.

Key figures

Second down time since 2000
Data Center locations in Europe
Tier IV certified Data Centers
employees - EBRC Group (EBRC and Digora)
International clients trust EBRC services
Awards & Certifications
International locations: France, Luxembourg and Morocco (EBRC and its subsidiary Digora)
growth since 2015
FinTech clients
Reduction of carbon footprint since 2010
Green energy supply
of turnover in 2020
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Our leadership

Discover our management
Yves Reding, CEO, EBRC
Thierry Taildeman, Director Client Service Operations
Director Client Service Operations
Sandrine Boucquey Director HR & Legal EBRC
Director HR & Legal
Patrick Luc, Head of Sales, EBRC
Head of Sales
Jesse Berdy, Chief Financial Officer, EBRC
Chief Financial Officer
Philippe Dann, Head of Risk & Business Advisory, EBRC
Head of Risk & Business Advisory
EBRC Headquarters
Goldbell Center 5, road Eugène Ruppert, Tower A L-2453 Luxembourg
+352 26 06 1
Our Data Centers locations:
EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg West
3 Rue Pierre Flammang, 8399 Windhof
+352 26 06 1
EBRC European Reliance Centre East
Parc Audiovisuel et des Télécommunications, Betzdorf
+352 26 06 1
EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg South
210 Rue de Noertzange, L-3670 Kayl
+352 26 06 1

EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg West

3 Rue Pierre Flammang,
8399 Windhof
+352 26 06 1

EBRC European Reliance Centre East

Parc Audiovisuel et des Télécommunications, Betzdorf
+352 26 06 1

EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg South

210 Rue de Noertzange, L-3670 Kayl
+352 26 06 1

EBRC Headquarters

Goldbell Center
5, road Eugène Ruppert, Tower A
L-2453 Luxembourg
+352 26 06 1

EBRC’s resources, infrastructures and services are all located in Luxembourg. By choosing our services, you have the guarantee that your data will be hosted in Europe and that your IT infrastructures will be professionally managed.
Connect with major European cities from EBRC’s infrastructures and deliver your services with very low latency times.

A full and integrated ICT approach at the service of your business

EBRC provides expertise and services in Advisory, Managed Services, Cloud, Cyber-Security, Business Continuity and Data Center through its Trusted Services Europe. With over two decades of expertise in the management and protection of sensitive data, EBRC delivers the whole value chain of ICT services: We Advise, We Design, We Build, We Operate, We Protect, We Maintain.

EBRC, a human size company at the service of your most ambitious projects

EBRC is a subsidiary of POST group (turnover exceeding €800M, and 4,600 employees). Our 200 employees strive towards achieving common objectives symbolized by the word EARTH. EBRC’s values, Excellence, Agility, Responsibility, Trust & Human, are shared by every employee and are applied in their daily interactions with clients. With our people-oriented company, we support your project with flexibility, scalability and an open mind. Trust us with your most critical projects and design them according to your resources and needs.

A Trusted ecosystem of ICT partners

Through several partnerships, we have consolidated a strong ecosystem of IT businesses, allowing us to provide you with comprehensive expertise in ICT services. We are also the main shareholder of Digora, specialist in the management of data and IT infrastructures in France. With this alliance, our two companies have joined forces to offer new services with high added value to European companies.