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Located in Luxembourg, at the Heart of Europe, EBRC was founded in 2000 to help companies meet the challenges inherent to the digital economy, to ensure their safety and continuity, and to become a European Reliance Center for the management and protection of sensitive information.

Operating from Luxembourg and France, our highly certified and experienced ICT services teams provide you with assistance over the entire lifecycle of your projects; they provide advice and design and they build and operate your IT infrastructures.

EBRC delivers top-quality services thanks to great infrastructures such as: 3 Data Centers, that are Tier IV certified by Uptime Institute, certified Cloud computing services & ICT Managed Services designed to ensure the security and resilience of your data as well as the continuity of your business.

Enter the era of Cyber-Resilience with efficient IT Services.

Your business relies on the Cyber-Resilience of your IT services.

With two decades of experience and our certified processes and experts, we not only ensure the protection of our clients’ data as well as their business continuity, but are also able to provide guidance to overcome any Cyber-Security and Cyber-Resilience challenges you may encounter in the context of your IT projects.

Gaia-X: EBRC Day One member

Gaia X : EBRC is Day One Member

EBRC has joined the Gaia-X initiative as Day One member for the Data Space.

A solution for each scenario

  • Set up your business in Europe
  • Deploy your most ambitious project
  • Transform your IT infrastructures
  • Bring your ideas to life




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A full range of services


  • Risk and vulnerabilities analysis
  • Business Continuity Management to preserve your business activities
  • A team of qualified and certified experts to turn your business challenges into competitive advantages

Managed Services

  • Focus on your business, we take care of your IT
  • ISO 20000 certified processes to meet regulatory standards
  • 24/7 support and a chosen intermediary to assist you at any time


  • High-availability Cloud environments Public, Private and Hybrid deployment models
  • Scalable and flexible
  • DevOps ready: Kubernetes-as-a-Service and Openshift


  • Rely on our expertise to protect your IT systems
  • Access to reinforced Cyber-Security to create a trusted environment in which you can safely develop your business
  • Our teams are at your service, offering shared services and providing daily support to improve your IT security


  • Recover in 2 hours
  • 800 fully-equipped workstations
  • Ensure your business continuity

Data Center

  • High-performance and ultra-secure infrastructures with Tier IV Data Centers
  • Zero seconds of downtime since the year 2000
  • 100% Green energy

Every day, a company is affected by cyber-attacks

The question is not whether, but “when” you are going to be cyber-attacked!
Are you prepared to properly respond to these attacks?
Will you be able to quickly recover and ensure your business continuity?
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