Partner Programme

Boost your development with the "Powered by EBRC" programme and benefit from our Trusted Services in Europe

Become our privileged Partner by taking part in the "Powered by EBRC" programme

Become our privileged Partner by taking part in the "Powered by EBRC" programme

Launched in October 2016, the “Powered by EBRC” programme was created to accelerate the customers’ development and the hybridisation of their business.
The 10 strengths of our Partner programme

The 10 strengths of our Partner programme

The programme is based on 10 pillars:

  1.  A full and integrated “Trusted Services Europe” service offer ranging from Data Center, Cloud, Advisory, Cyber-Security & Cyber-Resilience, Business Continuity to Managed Services
  2. “By design" security from planning to operational phases with a SOC and a CERT
  3. Guarantees provided via the international standards and certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, PCI DSS, Tier IV Design & Constructed Facility, among the most recent ones
  4. Understanding of and compliance with stringent regulatory frameworks including PFS, Basel II, Basel III, PSD2, and GDPR
  5. Know-how in the area of information security, developed since EBRC’s creation
  6. High integrated 24/7 availability consistent with Internet businesses
  7. Strong resilience and an integrated Business Continuity offer combined with business recovery services. EBRC has 800 emergency workstations that can be activated under a 2-hour-SLA
  8. Perfect connectivity with the European markets and capitals, offering ultra-high performance latency (Paris at 4.8ms; Frankfurt at 4.5ms; London at 8ms)
  9. High-performance services: zero downtime since the launch of our Data Center offer in 2000, first critical level for high-availability applications
  10. A brand image recognised in Luxembourg and by European customers.

Why opt for the "Powered by EBRC" label

The various synergies created by joining the “Powered by EBRC” programme enable partners to enjoy EBRC quality label, and to delve deeper into developing a new business by implementing marketing and communication action plans defined upstream. 

The programme is totally free and does not require a fixed contribution. Upon request, you may take part in specific marketing operations: creation of a video presenting the solution, joint participation or representation at events. In these specific cases, EBRC may request a financial contribution.

The “Powered by EBRC” programme offers the following advantages:
  • Your solution is listed in our “Powered by EBRC” catalogue
  • You will receive press articles in the form of customer case reports
  • You will be provided with a “Powered by EBRC” marketing kit to complete your own marketing tools and to be distributed through all your communication channels.

A pool of synergies for a privileged ecosystem

The “Powered by EBRC” programme makes it possible to link privileged relationships between the customers and EBRC. Our company is positioned as more than just an IT supplier and becomes an integrated partner in a global value chain. To date, the programme includes 15 businesses from all industries. The short-term goal involves maintaining a privileged pool of businesses having obtained the label in order to maintain this unique and personal relationship between our two companies.

A pool of synergies for a privileged ecosystem
Interested in our Powered by EBRC programme?
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