Optimise and outsource the management of your IT room

Proven expertise for the benefit of your business

Optimise and outsource the management of your IT room

Outsource the management of your IT room and focus on your business:

Managing your IT room can raise major problems in terms of resources, budget and infrastructure security. Outsourcing this activity is sometimes necessary to ensure the longevity of your IT equipment and allow you to focus on your added value: your core business.

  1. Benefit from the technical expertise of a specialist company with proven experience in the field. Your service provider will also be able to support you from start to finish, from managing your IT assets and equipment to maintaining them and managing the associated software. 
  2. Focus on your core business: Outsourcing the management of your IT room allows you to focus on what is really essential: your core business. Outsource the management of your infrastructure and benefit from the best guarantees while remaining on your premises. 
  3. Better availability and reliability: Guarantee the high availability of your data thanks to certified teams and implemented processes. You can also ensure business continuity with better management of schedules and resources.
  4. Secure your infrastructures and guarantee their longevity: Your service provider will be able to guarantee the best possible security for your infrastructures by providing you with robust and secure services. Define the processes and physical or virtual access to your infrastructures, and keep control of the security of your data.    

They trust us:

  • UNISTRA: We helped UNISTRA (University of Strasbourg) design and build its Data Centre. Since it went live, we have also been involved on a daily basis in managing their infrastructure. 

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  • A financial centre operator: We manage and operate a financial institution’s Data Centre. The criticality of the data and the high availability required were two of the priorities in the success of this collaboration. 

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