Improving patient management and follow-up
The Agence eSanté, the national agency in charge of medical information sharing in Luxembourg, is a central player in the digital transformation of this sector. “The primary goal of the agency since it began its operations in July 2012 is to facilitate the exchange of information between healthcare professionals to ensure better care and to improve traceability”, says Hervé Barge, CEO of the Agence eSanté.

Sharing patient data more efficiently

In the pursuit of this goal, the implementation of a shared medical record for each patient was a key element. “Through this DSP, the patient and all authorised healthcare professionals can access all the data related to the patient management and follow-up”, comments Hervé Barge. In this way, every healthcare professionals, doctors, the staff in a hospital or nursing home, and others - can make the right decisions with full knowledge of the facts. “If an unconscious patient has an allergy to curare, the availability of this information can prevent fatal errors in the patient's treatment. It increases the healthcare efficiency while reducing the risk of errors, adds the CEO. Medical practice nowadays cannot be carried out effectively by people working in isolation.”

An ultra-secure digital platform

With the support of EBRC, the Agence eSanté has implemented a digital platform that can accommodate patient data while ensuring the highest level of information security. “The platform has been designed to gradually scale up to include a growing number of healthcare professionals and patients, but also a growing volume of medical data”, says Hervé Barge. Given the sensitivity of the data, it was essential to ensure both its constant availability and security. “EBRC, which contributed to the platform development with our teams, offers all the necessary guarantees in terms of resilient systems and cybersecurity, with an optimal level of service available 24/7.”
EBRC offers all the necessary guarantees

First, convince the professionals

The team of the Agence eSanté, working with the solutions makers for healthcare professionals, strives to convince them of the utility of the services provided by the eHealth platform. “They – the healthcare professionals – will, in turn, convince the patients of the opportunities offered by this approach. The more data the platform can accumulate, the more we can appreciate the benefits of such a solution”, says Hervé Barge.

L'Agence eSanté is "Powered by EBRC". Want to learn more about this project and the opportunities ? Visit our page "Powered by EBRC"

The more data the platform can accumulate, the more we can appreciate the benefits of such a solution