Migrating to the Cloud, more than just a technical challenge

Get the support and guidance you need to succeed in your Cloud challenge

Objective: The Cloud

Successful migration to the Cloud offers clear advantages, and can sometimes ensure the continuity of a company's activities.
However, there are many challenges and working with an external service provider can help you avoid a lengthy and costly project. 


Founded in 2000, EBRC offers services covering the entire IT value chain, from consulting to Cloud or Managed Services to Data Centre services.
This means we can offer you end-to-end support.

Migrating your data to the Cloud: it's not just about agility and budget constraints:

Ensure the scalability of your services and activities
Ensure the scalability of your services and activities:

One of the main advantages of using the Cloud lies in what defines it: its adaptability. Cloud providers offer high storage elasticity, innovative services and massively proven practices, so you can quickly align your needs with your business. 

Reduce your costs and control your project at all times
Reduce your costs and control your project at all times:

By integrating a FinOps (contraction of Finance and Operations) component into your Cloud project, you can have a regular overview of your consumption and adjust it as necessary. Control your activities with complete peace of mind at all times. 

Secure your data and control access on a granular basis
Secure your data and control access on a granular basis:

Cloud service providers offer you security by design services and require you to follow best practices in order to control access to data. Guarantee security and availability simply and effectively, without neglecting your responsibilities! We're here to help.

Evolve agilely
Evolve agilely:

Reduce your time-to-market effectively by deploying new projects or services from Cloud infrastructures. Opt for the multi-cloud solution to guarantee your independence and freedom of choice.

Cloud infrastructures, plus consulting:

Our teams are with you every step of the way, offering their expertise and long experience as ICT service providers: 

  • Analyse your project and manage your risks upstream: Rely on the expertise of our Consulting team to build your project and manage your risks "by design". Carry out an audit of your infrastructure, resources and objectives to guarantee the success of your project. 
  • Benefit from end-to-end services: from upstream project analysis to the Cloud services you choose, EBRC has a wide range of ICT services to cover and meet all your needs. 
  • Opt for a Cloud solution hosted and managed in Luxembourg and multi-cloud possibilities: EBRC offers "Made in Luxembourg" Cloud solutions which allow you to choose to host your data on a Cloud based in a Luxembourg Data Centre, and managed by teams present in the Grand Duchy. You can also opt for a Multi-Cloud mode by choosing to process some of your data on hyperscalers while maintaining overall consistency for your business strategy.  
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