Easy Security Patching for Oracle - ESPO

Patch your Oracle environments as easily as possible!

Security updates

Security Patching is essential

Applying security release and patch updates is essential to keeping Oracle databases secure, stable and performing at their best. On the other hand, it's strongly recommended to keep your environments up-to-date to take full advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Security patching is now a mandatory task in our fast-evolving threat landscape. But, in addition, operational teams have to take care of a long list of another important duties and business added-value projects.

For Oracle databases, the security patching is recognized complex and time consuming: EBRC ESPO simplifies and automates these patching activities.

Why EBRC ?

Founded in 2000, EBRC offers services covering the entire IT value chain, from consulting to Cloud or Managed Services to Data Centre and Security services.

This means we can offer you end-to-end support.

The benefits of EBRC ESPO

Time savings
Time saving

Automation ensures costs reduction by decreasing drastically the time required to perform the patching.

Cost reduction
Cost reduction

Time savings generate costs reduction. The benefits are even bigger for companies which perform the security patching outside of the business hours.


ESPO service made Security Patching activities easy to perform. Automation means faster operations, with shorter potential application unavailability.

Less human errors
Human error reduction

Automation will avoid human errors and will ease to identify the cause of issues.

A crucial security practice

To safeguard your database infrastructure and ensure the security and stability of your systems, Oracle patching is a must.

  • Successful Oracle patching requires a rigorous, multi-step process that can be time consuming and error prone.
  • Automation is key to be successful and to reduce the effort.

EBRC ESPO automates the patching with a 3-steps processes which can be fired independently.

A 3 step process


How does it works ?

After a site survey, automation code will be deployed on the client servers. Your database administration team will be trained to use the automation code and fasten your security releases. The EBRC ESPO use is very easy, fast and delivers instantaneous benefits.

As an option, a Technical Support could be provided, which includes the updates of the EBRC ESPO code.

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