Data Centre Migration

Make a success of your migration to a new Data Centre environment

Data Centre migration

Migrating your data to another Data Centre is the process of transferring the environment of a "legacy" or "on-premise" Data Centre to another Data Centre environment. 

This migration is accompanied by a process of optimisation and efficiency, particularly when it involves consolidating several data sites with a specialist partner.


EBRC was created in 2000 to meet the challenges of the digital economy and to become a European centre of resilience for the protection and management of sensitive information. 
EBRC owns and operates 3 Tier IV certified Data Centres which have never experienced a single second of downtime since their creation. 

A successful migration

The successful migration to a new Data Centre, whether on-premise or with an external service provider, is critical for your company. 
EBRC offers you its expertise and know-how to help you migrate your data to a new Data Centre. We offer an end-to-end approach to your project:  

  • Advise: Audit your current infrastructure and plan the best alternative according to your needs and strategy
  • Design: We'll work with you to model your project, by mapping your resources and activities so that you can migrate your project safely, reducing risks and downtime. 
  • Build: We’ll work together to build a tailored offering adapted to your needs and regulatory requirements 
  • Transform: We stay by your side throughout the migration phase. We'll take care of the supply chain and ensure your migration is a success
  • Operate: Entrust the management of your infrastructure to our teams on your site or in our Data Centres
  • Secure: Secure access to your infrastructure with additional physical or virtual control points, depending on your needs.
EBRC Resilience Centre South

EBRC’s added value for your Data Centre migration

  • End-to-end support – From the audit of your existing infrastructure, to your statement of requirements, right through to the launch of your project, you benefit from ongoing support and guidance
  • Certified teams – Our experts are Accredited Tier Specialists with a proven track record of successful Data Centre projects 
  • Recognised expertise – Drawing on our experience and know-how in building and operating our own Data Centres, we have made this expertise available to our customers, helping them to develop their strategy

Our migration projects

  • EBRC Tier IV Data Centre - We operate and manage 15,000m² of Tier IV-certified IT space on 3 different sites. Our Data Centres are located close to the French, Belgian and German borders and host critical companies in the finance, healthcare, European and international institutions, media and essential services sectors.  

More information about our certified Data Centers

  • UNISTRA (University of Strasbourg) – EBRC helped design and build this new 450m², 5,000-server secure, redundant, powerful and green infrastructure in Strasbourg, France. 

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  • Quintet – Our teams supported Quintet in its project to overhaul its banking IT and relocate the group's computing centre to Luxembourg. A critical and ambitious project that required almost 2 years of intense collaboration in different phases of execution 

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