Digora and EBRC propose a new CYBER-RESILIENCE offer

Digora and EBRC propose a new Cyber-Resilience offer

EBRC – European Business Reliance Centre – makes its Trusted Service Europe offer available in France, through its partner Digora. It is also launching a new cyber-resilience offer intended for French businesses, with IT risk management and security expertise, and performance of BCP.

EBRC‘s pragmatic approach makes it a trusted partner. The company draws an experience gained mainly in the sector of European finance, in a highly-regulated, sensitive and constantly audited environment. Its deliverables are a decision-making aid and a management tool for its customers.

EBRC Trusted Advisory Services: the best response to the GDPR

From cyber‐security to cyber‐resilience

“In a digital environment increasingly exposed to risks, guaranteeing business continuity requires adopting more proactive and better integrated approaches. EBRC promotes cyber-resilience, by applying the latest standards and the best practices, in order to provide “by design” system protection and guarantee organisations’ trust in digital.

2017 showed that no organisation is immune from cyber-attacks or incidents with an economic/reputational impact. For EBRC’s advisory teams, it is necessary to look beyond the principles of protection in order to propose a comprehensive and integrated cyber-resilience strategy for ensuring business continuity. Fundamentally, resilience is a body’s or a system’s ability to recover its initial properties following an alteration. Unlike cyber-security, cyber-resilience goes beyond the technological framework and focuses on developing an effective immune system for each digitally-dependent activity. It involves assessing and preventing the risk in order to limit the impact of an incident, quickly detecting threats, enabling critical applications to function, preserving data and enabling the activity to be quickly resumed.”
Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC.

Benefits for customers : Identify, protect, detect, respond, recover

The cyber‐resilience promoted by EBRC places cyber‐security at the heart of the business

It is crucial to be able to identify, protect, detect, respond to the incident and restore the system to ensure business continuity at all times.

In that context, EBRC anticipated the implementation of the NIS directive, which was transcribed into national legislations in mid-May. As an operator of crucial services and a digital service provider, EBRC aims to fully fulfil its role by weaving a strong ecosystem and alliances with European partners in order to ensure that its customers’ trust in the Europe digital world.

Risk Management consulting

EBRC’s consultants support businesses in meeting the challenges they face, with the aim of meeting a need simply and quickly through convincing deliverables.

French businesses are faced with a three-fold challenge:

  1. A regulatory challenge, due to sectoral regulations, GDPR, NIS.
  2. A cyber challenge, due to the continuous appearance of new threats impacting the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data.
  3. An economic challenge, due to the need to make use of risk management guidance to prioritise investments in the face of threats.

An interview with Philippe Dann, Head of Risk & Business Advisory, EBRC

How to proceed?

The consulting assignments performed by EBRC focus on the clients’ reality, their strategy, their constraints, the understanding of their industry and their challenges. The support is based on a risk-oriented approach (operational, regulatory, industry-based). Thanks to their experience, our consultants interact with operational teams as well as specific positions and management, whether this involves analysing of existing resources, alignment, improvement action plans or support towards obtaining certification.

Support towards obtaining certifications

In France, EBRC consultants have provided support to major companies in obtaining demanding certifications:

  • Preparatory consulting assignment for obtaining Tier IV certifications from the Uptime Institute. This led to the certification of the first French Data Centre with respect to the highest-level requirement of availability. A certified Tier IV Data Centre guarantees a minimum rate of 99.995% availability, i.e. less than 26 combined minutes of downtime per year.
  • Support towards obtaining ISO 22301 (business continuity) certification for an insurance brokerage company, a leader in its sector.

Why choose EBRC?

“We apply internally what we recommend to our customers.”
Our customers enjoy our feedback and proven solution that meet regulatory requirements:

  • EBRC consultants are experienced and certified in information security management, risk analysis, business continuity and vulnerability management, ethical hacking, forensics, log and security component management. They work closely with the EBRC Data Centre internal service teams, project managers, architects, security engineers, systems engineers, etc.
  • EBRC has the ISO 27001, ISO 22301, SIEM solutions certifications. The company operates infrastructures and provides high-level services to over 400 international customers who require high-performance service models.
  • EBRC expertise in vulnerability analyses and intrusion tests is based on hundreds of pentests conducted on its own infrastructures and with its customers.
  • EBRC offers outsourcing assignments: “CISO as a Service”, “DPO as a Service”, security improvement programmes, alignment with international standards up to ISO certification.
  • EBRC has the status of a Financial Sector Professional under the supervision of the Financial Sector Supervision Commission in Luxembourg, the sector’s regulatory body. The CSSF issues the authorisations and licenses to practice to IT service and consulting companies.
  • EBRC has its own SOC (Security Operations Centre) and CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team).

Development of the Consulting activity in France: EBRC-DIGORA, complementary expertise

The two companies joined forces in February 2017 to propose new offers of high added value services to European businesses.

Digora can claim strong expertise in data environment performance and outsourcing of business applications. A recognised stakeholder for over 20 years, it is an expert in IT infrastructures and databases (implementation, optimisation and daily administration).

Digora offers businesses and organisations a full range of services:

  • Engineering & Consulting
  • Technological support
  • Maintenance in operational condition
  • Agile and scalable brokerage (Cloud Broker)
  • Security and Governance

With a presence in France (Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse), Luxembourg and Morocco, the Digora group employs over 130 individuals, and has a turnover of some 33 million Euros.

550 active customers

Digora has 550 active customers, major accounts and ETI in all industries, including: BANDAI NAMCO, BNP Paribas, Compagnie des Alpes, Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine, Engie, the ÏDKIDS Group, Lacoste, Ramsay - Générale de Santé, Maincare, Maisons du Monde, XPO, Poclain Hydraulics, Sanofi, Toyota, the UGAP, and so on.

“EBRC and Digora share strong values such as the culture of quality, security, corporate social and entrepreneurial responsibility. This strategic partnership enables both our companies to create a flagship centre of excellence and expertise in the field of sensitive data management, in France and in the French-speaking countries (Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.). Our common objective and commitment involve providing support to the digital transformation projects of our customers who wish to develop their business in Europe”, emphasized Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC.

An ecosystem of partners

Beyond the skills and experience of its consultants, EBRC has struck up strategic partnerships (EGERIE, Guidance Software OpenText, Omada, Phosforea) with business offering innovative solutions which provide increased efficiency and a measurable added value to its customers. EBRC uses these products, integrates them and sells them.   

Testimonial: KNEIP, leader in information management and reporting solutions for the funds and insurance industry.

“EBRC enables us to focus on our core business and our applications. We know that we have a trusted partner able to adapt and meet the needs of our business, said Lee Marshall, Head of IT Operations & Infrastructure at KNEIP. By using both companies’ skills and the infrastructure platform, EBRC enables us to provide guarantees with regard to security, availability and quality.”

For more information about KNEIP IT Transformation , please refer to our References

About EBRC

Founded in 2000, EBRC has the ambition of becoming a Centre of Excellence in Europe in the areas of sensitive data management and cyber-resilience.

Risk preventing, incident handling assistance and business continuity are in the company’s DNA. EBRC’s expertise is reflected in an integrated and end-to-end certified service offer: Trusted Services Europe.

This unique end-to-end offer is based on the best experts, supported by a pool of 60 specialised consultants for its consulting business (EBRC is a part of POST Group, a Luxembourg-based services and telecoms operator), a SOC (Security Operations Centre) and a CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team).