Trusted Cloud, the Cloud built for sensitive information

Trusted Cloud Europe, the cloud built for sensitive information since 2011
By 01/03/2020
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The cloud offer is extensive. Trusted Cloud Europe meets the expectations of companies and organisations producing and working with sensitive information. It is a unique offer.

A Trusted Cloud: security at the heart of the Cloud offer

Trusted Cloud Europe, the name says it all! Its founders, Yuri Colombi, EBRC Head of Solutions & Innovation, and Jean-François Hugon, EBRC Head of Marketing, started with a blank page and then put together a wish list of EBRC’s clients and, more generally, those of all companies that were preparing to take the plunge of the Cloud without making any concession on security aspects. The original specifications date back to 2010. This ideal cloud, built on VMware's vSphere and vCloud Administrator technologies, intends to be different. First of all, it is established in Luxembourg in two separate Tier IV certified Data Centers. Furthermore, it is safe and highly resilient: EBRC, its operator, has not experienced any downtime since its creation! The Trusted Cloud Europe addresses all the strategic assets of a company, it is of interest to all companies and organisations producing and working with sensitive information.

Trusted Cloud, a tailor-made Cloud

“The Trusted Cloud Europe is nowhere near monolithic or static: the client chooses its dimensions”, explains Yuri Colombi. Its capacity is not expressed in VM but in GHz and in GB of RAM, in response to the demand for resources pooling and for virtual Data Centers. In practice, this means that clients benefit from a virtual private cloud where they can allocate capacities based on their current needs. EBRC thus offers a granular approach allowing to scale the virtualised components according to the stages and evolution of the business, creating real dynamic flexibility in support of the business. A service such as IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) can be combined with Managed Services and thus can be endlessly enriched with service modules including monitoring, centralised reporting, and so on.

EBRC places great emphasis on its various certifications that are “true passports for our international clients”, says Jean-François Hugon. They include labels underscoring the stability of the company (PSF support status, AAA shareholding), its two Tier IV Data Centers, and implemented standards like the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 27018 as well as PCI DSS Level 1.

urthermore, we can add the efficiency and diversity of its connections (Tier 1 Internet PoP, multiple Internet exchange nodes and more...) as well as low latency times (Paris 4,8 ms, London 8 ms, Brussels 3,5 ms and Frankfurt 4,5 ms). A truly exceptional cloud, but also a unique provider. Unlike the global cloud giants, EBRC advises, builds, implements and operates critical applications on its own. For this Luxembourgish company, protecting sensitive information and processes is its core value generation. “The motivations can vary a lot between companies. It is up to us to identify them, even if we need to re-qualify or reorient them”, says Jean-François Hugon.


Trusted cloud: for regulated and agile sectors, a truly exceptional cloud

Two decades later, the majority of Trusted Cloud Europe clients now come from regulated sectors, mostly from the financial world, and range from Fintech start-ups to large institutions. The other sectors are however also increasingly present, from industrial companies to the media, without mentioning the tertiary and more specific sectors with, most of the time, very precise needs in terms of sensitive information such as the Health & Life Sciences or Space sectors. For this purpose, the cloud has to meet different requirements like the digital transformation of the company for more agility, more responsiveness to changing client demands, greater flexibility in terms of capacity, and the simplification of the infrastructure, the applicational and operational assets.


Fit the expansion of your business with a Trusted Cloud

Another area of interest is the company expansion and its opening up to new activities. The support provided can be complete in nature, covering everything from initial advisory services to the operational aspects, including the design of the solution and its development. From the development to full operations, everything will be hosted in the Trusted Cloud Europe.

Our teams have taken part in multiple and diversified projects. For example, we have participated in the creation of a new digital bank launched by a leading telecommunication operator. We have also managed the creation of a scalable and flexible platform designed for the financial sector.


Trusted Cloud: for start-up to leverage Cloud capabilities

And then there is the last development focus: the support of start-ups. The most convincing example is the Lille-based company NSA, specialised in biometric authentication. EBRC's Trusted Cloud Europe environment encourages these start-ups to leverage the cloud capabilities, providing clear answers to issues related to data localisation, management and the quality of service levels. Our Trusted Cloud Europe is also designed to evolve according to your needs in a pay-as-you-grow model. Adapt your IT resources to suit your actual needs.


Trusted Cloud by EBRC: security for a better digitization

For EBRC, the cloud brings real solutions and must also preserve and enhance security for the digitisation and services offered to companies. The difference lies in the value that is provided. “We have opened our Trusted Cloud Europe to some major public cloud players. It is an extension of our offer for which principles and guarantees will obviously remain unchanged. For our clients, we act as a single point of contact: we are more opened while keeping our national character with just as much security and resilience as before”, according to Yuri Colombi.


A cloud readiness assessment: meet your regulations challenges

In order to assist financial institutions in improving and maintaining their compliance level with the CSSF, we have added another layer to our Trusted Cloud offer: the Cloud Readiness Assessment.
The new service, developed in collaboration with EGERIE and THOT IT Solutions, allows EBRC’s clients to process with check points through the regulations. The platform also enables companies to position, assess, improve and managed their risks and protect their sensitive data.