Innovation at the service of preventive and personalised healthcare

Dr Jean-Luc Dourson, dirigeant-fondateur, BioneXt LAB
By EBRC 24/05/2019
Health & Life Sciences

Relying on EBRC, BioneXt LAB has launched B-neXt Care, an innovative Health Tech preventive healthcare solution that complements legal obligations related to occupational medicine and new regulatory obligations imposed on healthcare professionals. The digital transformation has an impact on all sectors of activity and is profoundly changing our habits, practices and daily lives. EBRC, the European reference centre for IT services and cyber-resilience, is supporting this transformation. BioneXt LAB, a Luxembourg-based private laboratory specialising in medical biology analyses, has chosen EBRC to support its latest technological breakthrough as an integrator of skills at the service of patients and their physicians.

BioneXt LAB, medical biology in the digital age

Created in 2017, BioneXt LAB is one of a new generation of medical biology analysis laboratories. The recently-created company stands out for its definitely innovative approach. Driven by the dynamic impetus of its founder, Dr. Jean-Luc Dourson, former owner and operator of the Ketterthill laboratory, the BioneXt LAB laboratory quickly established itself by forging strategic partnerships that led to the creation of the country's first and only mobile, one-time and free blood collection service: Picken Doheem. Since the end of 2017, patients have been able to have their biological samples taken wherever they wish: at home, at their workplace, at the address of their choice or at one of the 48 Picken Doheem blood collection centres.

Driven by its commitment to continuous improvement in the service of patients, the laboratory is revolutionising the world of medical biology by adding new services to its myLAB® interactive platform.

The project: a solution that contributes to the process of improving patient service and meets new regulatory requirements

The overall objective of the BioneXt LAB project is to design medicine based on the “four Ps”: Predictive, Participative, Preventive and Personalised. BioneXt LAB is a real platform involving the various stakeholders in the medical field and its patients, and goes even further. Now extending its concept to the business world through the development of preventive medicine for employees, the new B-neXt Care solution is a programme that complements the legal obligations related to occupational medicine and the new regulatory obligations imposed on healthcare professionals.

This preventive health programme is offered as part of a global policy of well-being at work. Funded by the employer, BioneXt LAB proposes to carry out health check-ups for employees in addition to taking samples at the workplace. At the service of both patients and physicians, B-neXt Care is now contributing to the evolution of occupational medicine.

Employees participating in the programme provide useful information: genetics, lifestyle, work environment, etc., in addition to their current medical information and laboratory test results. Using artificial intelligence, the application offers recommendations to patients based on the clinical and biological information collected. This same information also informs physicians, providing them within guidance with regard to drawing up prescriptions.

The application can also calculate a well-being score: a number that represents an individual's state of health at a given time. B-neXt Care can be maximised by wearing connected objects, such as a watch that can provide users with a real-time status update on their heart.

EBRC, a trusted partner for guaranteeing an optimal level of service

Operated and secured in EBRC's Tier IV Data Centres, the critical data stored by the BioneXt LAB solution benefits from EBRC's proven experience in the field of cyber-resilience.

Dr. Dourson explained: “Our laboratory processes highly-sensitive health data. We naturally opted for EBRC. It seemed obvious that it was the best third-party trusted partner to provide the power and security needed for the BioneXt LAB solutions”.

Recognised at European level for the reliability and quality of its services, particularly in the processing of financial and sensitive data, EBRC guarantees the secure archiving and accessibility of the data from the BioneXt LAB solutions. "We were looking for a long-term partner that would provide a robust service and high availability. EBRC perfectly meets these fundamental requirements for the practice of our profession and enables us to offer a high-quality service to the physicians and patients who trust us”.

Medical biology, a sector of the future

“Whether in terms of abruptly changing economic constraints or rapid technological developments, the medical analysis sector faces many challenges. Medical biology is a sector of the future both in terms of its growing importance in the area of medical diagnosis and in terms of the integration of new technologies”.

BioneXt LAB, a leader in its field, is ready to shape the future of its business by meeting all the challenges it faces. Thus, with its collaborative approach, BioneXt LAB continues its quest to implement relevant solutions and services for physicians and patients.

By integrating the electronic prescription into myLAB®, its scalable interface for communication between laboratories, physicians, healthcare professionals and patients, BioneXt LAB stands out once again. From now on, physicians can generate an electronic prescription in accordance with the rules of nomenclature in force. The calculation of the cost to the patient is done automatically, such as the automatic generation of payment agreements for patients and potential consent forms. The relevance of the myLAB® solution is already reflected in its integration into all medical practice software.

“The added value of inventiveness certainly lies in its usefulness as a tool for expanding the patient base, but it is above all a vector for improving the patient care provided by healthcare professionals. By guaranteeing the proper operation of our IT infrastructure, EBRC helps us to meet all the challenges we face on a daily basis”, concluded Dr. Jean-Luc Dourson.