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EBRC owns three Tier IV certified Data Centres
By EBRC 31/05/2018
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With the creation of a single digital market, the borders between member countries of the European Union are becoming increasingly blurred. While the idea of enshrining the free flow of data as the new fundamental freedom of the EU is making headway, there has to be room for the emergence of Europe-wide data management professionals. Thanks to its Data Centres - which rank among the highest-quality Centres in the world - and newly established partnerships, EBRC intends to be the first of them.

The name of EBRC, which stands for European Business Reliance Centre, signals its European ambition. As professionals in the field of sensitive data management in Luxembourg, we have developed a strong expertise and ICT services with high added value that are now being exported throughout Europe.

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Starting with a single European infrastructure

Based on state-of-the-art infrastructure, with three Tier-IV-certified Data Centres guaranteeing the highest level of data protection and service availability, EBRC has developed a unique offering. It enables the Company to support European organisations in their digital transformation, for real efficiency gains, and in the development of new innovative services, while ensuring an unparalleled level of performance and safety.

For 17 years, in a still fragmented European Union, we have been supporting the emergence of a single digital market. Because only the development of activity on this scale can allow European players to put together a competitive offer and stand up to the global giants, all while respecting European values, especially in the protection of personal data.

A central player in the digital single market

EBRC harbours growing international ambition by strengthening its hosting offer for Europe-wide IT systems. The emergence of recent alliances, with Data Centre operators in Germany and Great Britain, allows us to set our sights on a much wider market. Strategic alliances with French companies specialising in data and security management, activities that are complementary to our own services, enable us to offer new solutions with high added value. This trend towards internationalisation will continue in the coming months with the goal of making EBRC a truly central player in the single digital market.

We now have a European Data Centre offer. Based on our infrastructure, we have developed a cloud capable of serving organisations across the entire single market, with extremely good connections to all major European capitals and record-low latency.

A trusted European partner

Through its focus on quality and its offer of tailor-made services that are adapted to the needs of each client, EBRC is presenting itself as an alternative to large global ICT providers. European stakeholders, particularly those concerned about the security of their systems and the protection of their data, can find in us a partner capable of accompanying them effectively in their digital transformation.

While the digital world, by its very nature, transcends territorial boundaries, European regulations did not yet offer an optimal level of flexibility for this purpose. But henceforth, the legal borders at the level of the European Union are fading. The free flow of data could soon be recognised as a new basis for agreements between member states. Large-scale European digital players will therefore be able to emerge more easily.

In this context, EBRC is now ready to serve these organisations and help them develop further using concrete European know-how. We want to accompany them in the implementation of their projects, with skilful advice, in the design, control and operational management of their environment, and in all the complexity that it encompasses.

An expertise confirmed by projects with many international players

In a more open context, a European company naturally thinks of EBRC for the quality of its services and its expertise, and its ideal location in Luxembourg at the heart of Europe, nestled between the important French and German markets. The Grand Duchy is profoundly European and EBRC is already working internationally with European clients on the next particularly sensitive and ambitious projects.