The enhanced security & tradition of an ink signature in a digital world

LongPen technology by Syngrafii
By A. Keilmann for 06/06/2018
Banking, Insurance & Fintech
Public Sector & European Institutions
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In today’s digital world, many documents still require a wet ink signature. Throughout history, a wet ink signature applied to a piece of paper represents the gold standard of identity; intent and non-repudiation. Even when subscribing online – whether in government, banking, insurance or real estate – most agreements of material importance are not fixed until a pen is put on a piece of paper. So, the question is: How can the ease and speed of digital be merged with the security and tradition of the physical signature in this new environment?


Canadian company Syngrafii Inc. has developed the answer. Supported by EBRC and thanks to its significant information technology patents, Syngrafii Signature Solutions™  uses today’s cloud platforms and technologies to capture a one-time use original signature and place it in any document.

From Signing Books, to Critical Transactions in Business

The company was actually created in 2004 and invented by internationally recognized author Margaret Atwood whose best-seller “The Handmaid’s Tale” was recently adapted for TV by the web platform Hulu. Atwood wanted to interact with her fans and write commemorative statements in books from the comfort of her living room. From that beginning in Art to a few years later, the innovation called the LongPen™ became the proprietary backbone of what has now become a cloud-based compliance and regulatory Signature Platform capable of providing everything from click to sign, through to forensically defensible physical ink signatures on paper which effectively solves the current digital e-signature challenges.

“The LongPen gives you the ability to put a pen on a piece of paper… and Syngrafii sPaper™ provides a host of signing methods to meet all internal compliance needs using the speed of the internet”, explains Kevin Carey, Director of Business Development, at Syngrafii Inc. He adds: “In today’s world, the only biometric that can’t be taken from you without your permission is your original signature”.

A one-of-a-kind solution

“Any organization requiring a signature, no matter its business model, from the movement of goods and people to the processing of financial and insurance documentation, will benefit from the extensive range of services offered by Syngrafii Signing Solutions”, highlights Eric Strong, VP Sales. The Canadian company is able to provide the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy and electronic documents when and where needed.

Not only does Syngrafii capture the meta-data required to reach the highest level of compliance and governance, it also has the ability to capture a video exchange and embed it in the contract files. Every single action that happens in the document is recorded and kept in the Syngrafii MasterFile™ – a proprietary detailed audit trail of any agreement signed in the service: how long the person spent on a page, whether or not he/she put his/her initials, added a text block, etc. – even geolocalization can be added if activated on the user’s mobile phone. Through these additional layers of security and authentication, Syngrafii answers, and exceeds, in meeting its clients’ and public institutions’ needs for compliance and governance.

Bringing e-signatures to Europe

Signing sensitive documents necessarily requires optimal security and accessibility: that is where EBRC comes in. First with its state-of-the-art and latest generation Data Centres located in Luxembourg, then with its cyber-security solutions and its cyber-resilience concept, allowing businesses to access their data at any time.

Luxembourg and EBRC therefore appeared as a natural choice for Syngrafii, allowing the company to increase its presence in the very heart of Europe and to ensure its clients’ data are kept in a 24/7 accessible fortress. According to Kevin and Eric, “Our business mandate is to deliver a superior level of service and functionalities, ranging from digital and e-signature to pen on paper signatures to the global business community where regulatory compliance and world class non-repudiation are critical to their operations.”