Cloud services for a turnkey disaster recovery solution

Disaster Recovery as a Service: protect your infrastructure with ease

Ensure the sustainability of your business

The resilience of cloud services has become one of the top priorities for business leaders seeking to ensure the continuity of their business. Activities deployed on virtual and multi-service platforms (cloud, edge, hosted, in-house, etc.) have made it possible to achieve high levels of availability and security, but service continuity issues have remained just as strategic. For example, VMWare's virtualisation platforms, whether local or in the cloud, benefit from a native recovery environment with the "Disaster Recovery as a Service" offered by EBRC. 


EBRC was founded in 2000 with the aim of becoming the centre of excellence for the management and protection of sensitive information. 

Combining proximity and agility, we offer our customers a wide range of services enabling them to integrate resilience into their core business. 

Replicate your resources at the heart of EBRC's trusted Cloud and guarantee your resilience in the event of your virtual platforms becoming unavailable

The Disaster Recovery as a Service solution enables customers to replicate all or part of their VMware infrastructure within the EBRC Cloud, hosted in our Tier IV Data Centers in Luxembourg.  

Being able to rely on an environment that is dissociated from your initial infrastructure minimises the risks associated with the loss of your main environment and ensures that your business can be resumed quickly and easily in the event of a cloud or software disaster.  

You will then be able to activate your fallback resources in EBRC's trusted Cloud according to your needs or the degree of urgency and continue your business and maintain a level of IT service consistent with your business continuity plan.  

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