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Having relocation solutions for your employees is essential to ensure the direct continuity of your activities. 

If your offices are unavailable (due to natural disasters, flooding, technical issues, industrial action, etc.), relocating all or some of your staff to external sites set aside for the purpose can help you ensure business continuity. Although it can be a complementary solution, remote working is not the miracle cure for all problems. With our continuity-focused approach, starting with advice on best practice and business continuity management, we support you in continuing and resuming normal operations. 


EBRC was founded in 2000 with the mission of helping companies manage and protect their data. At the time, EBRC was known as the e-Business Recovery Center, and offered emergency work positions to Luxembourg's financial institutions. 
Since then, resilience has become an integral part of our DNA, and we now offer 6 solutions built around resilience, ranging from consulting services to hosting solutions via the Cloud or Data Centres. 

A relocation solution offers several advantages:

Offices that are easily accessible for your employees:
Offices that are easily accessible for your employees:

Relocation solutions often offer offices that are easily accessible for your employees and have all the necessary prerequisites (parking spaces, amenities, etc.). They are also easily accessible from your main site

Guaranteed space for your employees
Guaranteed space for your employees:

Depending on the type of relocation solution your company chooses, you can have a shared or private space. This is an essential element to take into account in your strategy, depending on the criticality and confidentiality of the data you process. Make sure that the availability of the service matches your business constraints.

All the IT equipment available for a rapid resumption of activity
All the IT equipment available for a rapid resumption of activity:

Within 2 hours, you can relocate your staff to a new site and resume virtually normal activity (or at least in a "downgraded mode"). Your IT equipment and workstations are available, and your business can continue.   

Emergency solutions in Luxembourg

EBRC can help you build your resilience strategy

While remote working may not be the ultimate solution, we offer a comprehensive approach focused on continuity. From providing advisory services to assisting with business continuity management, we support you in achieving and restoring normal operations.

  • Resume your activities in 2 hours from one of our emergency sites: Access your relocation seats and resume your activities in 2 hours. Ensure business continuity with minimal disruption while complying with the regulations in force in your sector or tax regulations.   
  • Put resilience at the heart of your strategy: We offer you 800 back-up positions, spread over two sites close to the French and Belgian borders. Our offer is unique in that it is not based on a "first come, first served" policy, but rather guarantees the possibility of calling up your positions. 
  • Benefit from a 360° offer: Develop your resilience strategy with the EBRC teams and centralise all your resources (including the possibility of calling up your emergency positions) within a single platform.
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