Achieve compliance with the DORA regulation

Understand your risks to better respond to the DORA regulation,
the new resilience standard for the European financial industry

DORA, Europe's new digital operational resilience standard for the financial sector

The new regulation will enter into force in January 2025. It requires European financial players to take a series of measures to guarantee the continuity of their services and their resilience in the digital world. What's more, it expands the codes of good conduct in the digital sector and makes it possible to propose a global approach at European level. 


EBRC was founded in 2000, with the aim of becoming a centre of excellence in the management and protection of sensitive information. EBRC offers 6 service packages to its customers, ranging from hosting services via the Cloud or Data Centres, to consulting services. 

EBRC has a team of multilingual experts who provide its customers with tailor-made support to help them comply with the latest regulations. 

DORA, 5 pillars to guarantee your compliance

DORA is built around five key pillars to help financial players become more resilient:

  1. ICT risk management: Every financial institution must implement IT risk management processes, including risk analysis, resource mapping and business continuity plans. 
  2. Incident reporting: The regulation requires that reporting requirements relating to incidents involving information and communication technologies be complied with. Each institution is therefore required to comply with all of these requirements. 
  3. Testing: The DORA regulation also requires organisations to test their digital operational resilience. In particular, institutions may use a Red Team to assess the incident response. 
  4. Risk management for third-parties: Risk management for subcontractors and the use of external resources, such as the cloud, is a major component of the DORA regulation.
  5. Sharing information and intelligence: to enable everyone to better understand the risks and threats.   

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