JAO - Joint Allocation Office

JAO.eu is the central auction office for cross-border transmission capacity.

JAO.eu is borned from the merge between CASC.eu and CAO.


  • Capacity Allocation Service Company - European cross border electrical capacity trading platform
  • The central auction office for cross-border transmission capacity for Central Western Europe, the borders of Italy, Northern Switzerland and parts of Scandinavia
  • JAO facilitates the purchasing and selling of transmission capacity by providing a single auction platform and point of contact
  • Auctions run on a daily basis 365 days a year
  • Consortium of 24 TSO (Transmission System Operator)  


  • Highly critical industrial infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 Availability & Support
  • Short intervention time in case of disaster
  • Collaboration with more than 10 of customer subcontractors (special applications)
  • Over-night migration of existing platform into new environment with guaranty of no data loss
  • Complex networking & multiple external connections
  • Downtimes would cause several millions of financial losses, damage the corporate global image and could result into European electricity black-out


  • EBRC advised & designed the fully new environment
  • Dedicated & mutualised IT infrastructure fully managed by EBRC
  • EBRC deployed a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with an integrated managed and fault tolerant telephony system
  • Global project management and integration of subcontractors
  • The solution provides a secured business continuity strategy
  • 24/7/365 Availability, Monitoring & Infrastructure Support
  • Very short SLA, intervention times and low RTO/RPO values
  • On-Site & Back-Office Support


  • JAO.eu benefits from a higher security, stability, availability & support agreements within the same financial plan
  • Thanks to EBRC Project Management and Service Delivery Standards, JAO.eu was able to concentrate on his business model (Prince2 & ITIL)
  • Well organised over-night migration and Go-Live scenario
  • Multiple Tier 1 ISP Operators connected to the platform
  • Network & Telco improvements thanks EBRC advises
  • High Security & compliance standards (ISO27001 & ISO20000)