Trusted Managed Services

Reliable, powerful and secure IT management through outsourcing

Through its Trusted Managed Services, EBRC can fully or partially take care of your IT operational management, ensuring maintenance, updates and all the required IT operations. Freed from these constraints, focus on your business and create value for your customers.

Enjoy the highest level of performance, security and availability for your IT systems by relying on experts and shared resources.

Outsourcing your IT resources

By outsourcing your IT to our teams, you will benefit from advanced expertise in the information system management and system environment operational management. Rely on a team entirely dedicated to your IT needs on a daily basis. Our IT approach aims at improving the quality of your IT services so that they serve your development.

Should you consider IT outsourcing? When? For which benefits?

A team devoted to clients' satisfaction

IT services to support your business’ development

Trusting our teams with the management of your IT brings many benefts:

  • Having a partner understanding your business and able to guide you
  • Secure IT solutions at any time
  • A robust infrastructure in one of our Tier IV certified Data Centres
  • An IT environment that meets the highest quality standards, and the latest technology standards
  • Advice from certified experts in complementary and integrated services at each stage of your project, thus providing the required guaranties as to the regulatory framework

EBRC, as your partner, will strive to support your development so that IT serves your business performance.

We will strive to support your development

High-performance environment and expert skills for controlled costs

Thanks to our IT outsourcing services, and by entrusting the management of your IT operations to our teams, you will control and optimise your costs while gaining access to certified resources. EBRC has developed a unique combination of skills, which have been pooled to meet the specific needs of customers in all industries, meeting the regulatory standards in force in your particular industry.

Should you outsource the management of your IT?
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