Take part in our 2020 Cloud Survey

In partnership with Solutions Numériques and the Cloud+Data Center fair in France, Farvest-IT One in Luxembourg,  Solutions-Soluxions in Belgium and Luxembourg:

EBRC launches a wide survey in the aim of mapping how public, private and hybrid cloud computing is used, evaluate security and regulation concerns, Sovereign Cloud, DevOps…

The results of this survey, based on your experience, will make it possible to assess the stakes of the cloud strategy, particularly in terms of data security, regulation, “trust” definition and expected improvements (solution, containers, etc.)

You will need about 8 minutes to answer all the questions. The results will be sent to you by the end of May 2020. Your information will of course be processed with all due confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any third-party.

Only consolidated and anonymous results will be published.

  • If you are a professional or company based in Luxembourg: click here (the survey is now closed)
  • If you are a professional or company based in Belgium: click here
  • If you are a professional or company based in France or in any other country: click here

Our partners: Farvest/IT One – Solutions Numériques – Soluxions – Cloud+Data Center fair