Managed Services Proider of the Year

On the 5th of December, EBRC was awarded "Managed Services Provider of the Year 2017" at the IT ONE Luxembourg ICT Awards Ceremony which brings together more than 1.000 ICT professionals representing the entire Luxembourg IT ecosystem.

Since 2007, the Luxembourg ICT Awards have been promoting the spread of ICT best practices. During this renowned event, a jury made up of 60 CIOs from various sectors – such as industry, finance, services, trade, transport, logistics and public sector – rewards ICT companies, which showed outstanding performance over the past year.

This year, the jury chose EBRC and its candidacy "Agility and Security, towards a permanent state of emergency", in the category Managed Services Provider of the Year 2017. Indeed, the proliferation of attacks clearly shows that the cyber-threat is growing. EBRC raises the discussion: "Can we still deliver managed services without cyber-security? Or, is it still possible to provide cyber-security services without managed services?" In both cases, for EBRC, the answer is no. The Managed Services (Agility) and Security activities are necessarily interlinked, like the two sides of a same coin, and they consist in the primary anchor for the credibility and future of IT service companies.

By combining Security and Agility, EBRC provides data protection on one hand and high availability on the other. Throughout its value chain - consulting, design, implementation, operational management - EBRC assists companies in their business development around four main activities:

The joint implementation of these two aspects allows EBRC clients to benefit from high availability and strong data protection, while taking advantage of agile and scalable operations, all according to their needs. EBRC's expertise and certifications make it a trusted partner.

Based on criteria such as client satisfaction, exceptional performance and innovation, the jury recognised EBRC’s know-how with the "Managed Services Provider of the Year 2017" award.

"We thank all our national and international clients as well as to the members of the jury who support us in our European development strategy. Our "Trusted Services Europe" allow us to support our clients and to offer them:

  • On the "heads" side: agility and innovation
  • On the "tails" side: the protection and security of their data.

Their recognition is essential for the international visibility that we want to give to our offer, which is unique in Europe: a One-Stop-Shop for Trusted Services", says Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC.