Philippe Dann, Head of Risk & Business Advisory Services, EBRC

Security is part of EBRC's DNA and allows it to carry out its mission in the management of sensitive information, its strategic goal since its creation in 2000. The context has changed, however, and is constantly evolving. Risks are increasingly important and increased vigilance is necessary. To deal with these new risks is more than ever a major challenge for businesses.

In 2015, the ambition of EBRC (European Business Reliance Centre) is not only to be the security partner and reference for companies in the Greater Region, but also to expand internationally, particularly in Europe. EBRC therefore continues expanding its security offer and launches new innovative services with leading partners such as Guidance Software and ITrust France.

EBRC is continuing its development while retaining its culture of excellence and exemplarity and keeps increasing its ambitions.

Luxembourg as a skill centre for security

'We have formalized our Trusted Security Europe offer with an SoC-as-a-Service and consultancy activities offered via our Trusted Advisory Services offer. We now have a European reputation for our offers in areas including data centres, business continuity, cloud and managed services. Our security expertise should benefit from the same exposure. Security is part of the DNA of all of our employees, it is not an optional add-on. To ensure confidence and excellence for our customers, we have adopted a comprehensive approach that takes into account their IT systems, their staff, their best practices and overall maturity', says Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC.

An offer of enhanced security

Since 2013, EBRC has developed its security consulting services to help its customers before the start of their projects. In 2014, EBRC also made its SoC-as-a-Service available to 'external' clients.

To enhance its 'Trusted Security Europe' services in Luxembourg and abroad, EBRC partnered with Guidance Software and ITrust France to launch new offers of 'Security-as-a-Service':

  • 'Vulnerability Management as a Service', in partnership with the company ITrust France(364 kb). ITrust France specializes in security consulting, analysis and vulnerability management via its IKARE solution. IKARE allows customers to better identify security vulnerabilities and therefore act more quickly in the implementation of protective measures for their IT systems. EBRC and ITrust France have signed an exclusive partnership agreement for this service in Luxembourg and Belgium, and it can also be offered by EBRC in other countries.
  • 'Cybersecurity & Forensics as a Service', in partnership with the company Guidance Software. Guidance Software is a US company that sells its Encase forensics solution internationally. Guidance Software and EBRC have joined forces to provide analysis, expertise, advice and support to EBRC's clients. This new offering in EBRC's portfolio of services allows for the detection of attacks, their mapping and analysis, monitoring and an efficient response. It is inconceivable that a defence system could be based solely on protection without a reaction that is prepared and available within the deadlines imposed by the business. This is therefore an important behavioural tool to readjust security and to identify loopholes without affecting employee productivity. EBRC and Guidance have signed an exclusive partnership for the service in the Benelux countries and this service, too, can be offered by EBRC in other countries.

These service offerings are designed for businesses of all sizes, they help to democratize access to security and forensics services. The data collected from clients is stored in EBRC's infrastructures in Luxembourg.

'In the current environment, companies aim at regaining control and complete mastery of the activities within their IT systems. For this reason, it is necessary to have a global view if things. This is precisely the role of detection tools that, if implemented effectively, ensure the identification of threats and therefore proper risk management. You have to be able to detect any anomalies or deviant activity internally, to have a preventive approach to attacks and optimize your IT system. But to achieve this, you first have to understand and completely master the IT system, you need to thoroughly know the 'normal' activity of the company', says Philip Dann, Head of Risk and Business Advisory of EBRC (pictured).

There's no effective security without counselling

Even if absolute security does not exist, it is essential to develop reasonable measures adapted to the criticality of the information managed by the client and to his resources. Everyone is a potential target of attacks and, in some cases, hackers can infiltrate systems for days, months or even years. 'You have to create an offering adapted to the real risk faced by clients. Our advisory services aim at ensuring the right match between the solution to implement and the client’s needs. We have developed a team of experts dedicated to security and expect to recruit additional staff in 2015', said Yves Reding.

EBRC emphasises transparency, agility and its values of excellence and confidence, which it continuously defends to maintain its position as leader in security in the Greater Region and - in the future - in Europe. 2015 will be a year heavily marked by an opening of the company to the international market.

Guidance Software, ITrust France and EBRC will be present at FIC 2015, in the Grand Palais in Lille (France) on January 20th and 21st.

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