DSN 2018

The 48th International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2018) will tackle two main topics: the fusion between dependability and security research; and the understanding of the need to simultaneously fight against cyber-attacks, accidental faults, design errors and unexpected operating conditions. The event will be split into conferences, series of workshops and tutorials.

EBRC supports this international event as a silver sponsor.


EBRC’s main priority is to help companies in their business continuity and cyber-resilience. A better understanding of the risks allows you to implement appropriate procedures and to develop your business. For companies, the question is not whether they will be attacked but when! EBRC promotes a new approach, moving from the concept of “cyber-security” to the one of “cyber-resilience”.

Our certifications, infrastructures and procedures enable us to provide an optimal level of security. Our clients can also benefit from synergies and integrated chain of services, from advising, building to testing, from securing the cloud, the infrastructures, IT operations and data, to providing proof and immediate patches and remediation in case of an incident so that your business can run as usual.

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Date: 25-28 June 2018
Location: Alvisse Parc Hotel, Route d’Echternach, Luxembourg
Registration: registrations to conferences, workshops or tutorials need to be made on the event website

Alvisse Parc Hotel, Route d’Echternach, Luxembourg