Certi Trust Training EBRC

This training will address the topics of building on the leadership of a project, implementing the management of a Cybersecurity program and preparing to lead operational teams based on principles, procedures and techniques of project management. During this course, the student will acquire the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, evaluate and ensure the integrity of the Cybersecurity program in accordance with NIST best practices and international standards. With practical labs, real-life examples and practical exercises based on advanced technical simulation environments, the student will learn how to carry out an implementation project of a Cybersecurity program. The course will include the development of capabilities in threat identification, program management, implementation and monitoring techniques as well as team management, through communication with the various stakeholders in Cybersecurity.

Target Audience

  • IT Security Officers
  • SOC Managers
  • Responsible for the digital assets of an organization
  • Project managers or consultants wishing to master the implementation of a Cybersecurity Management Program
  • Members of an information security team
  • Expert consultants in information technology
  • Technical Experts Wanting to Prepare for a Cybersecurity Position

Minimal knowledge of information security and related concepts is required for the success of the course.

The training will only be held in English.


  • Master concepts, approaches, standards, methods and techniques to participate in the implementation and management of a NIST-compliant Cybersecurity program within an organisation
  • Understand the purpose, content and correlation between Information Security and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as well as other standards
  • Acquire the knowledge needed to advise an organization on best practices for managing cybersecurity
  • Pass the CERTI-TRUST ™ exam
  • Apply for the Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer according to the level of experience.


Day 1 : The Cybersecurity Program as defined by the NIST - Cybersecurity Framework and ISO / IEC 27032: 2012

Day 2 : Cyberattacks and exhibition of organizations

How a NIST Cybersecurity Program Works and Other Key Frameworks
+ Life Cycle Management Tools for a Cyber Security Program (Toolbox)

Exam : Cybersecurity Foundation (1h - 50 questions MCQ)

Day 3 : Plan the Implementation of a Cybersecurity (LAB) Program

Day 4 : Conduct Operation & Measure Performance of Cybersecurity Program Components (LAB)

Day 5 : Ensuring the sustainability of the Cybersecurity program during its life cycle

+ Additional preparatory exercise (MCQ & open questions)

Exam : Cybersecurity Practitioner (2h - 100 questions MCQ)

Date & Registration

Date : Starting on October 1st

Another training will be held in :

  • November 19th

Fees : 1680€ for the whole session.

Location : EBRC Headquarters, 5 rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg

More information and registration : For any questions regarding this training, please contact directly RBA-TrainingCenter@ebrc.com

EBRC, 5 rue Eugène Ruppert L-2453 Luxembourg