In October 2012, this new concept of car-sharing started its activities in Berlin. Thanks to TrustedCloudFactory, their business was launched in less than 3 months, giving them the opportunity to focus on the commercial development of their offer.


  • Start-Up: CiteeCar is a new company supported by major a Venture company
  • Activity: Car-sharing
  • Market: starting with 100 vehicles in Germany/Berlin and targeting 1,000 vehicles in Europe
  • Idea: to offer car-sharing at a very low cost and solve the park problems. The hosts who have free park space can exchange these to host cars and receive free usage hours


  • Develop a mobile application to geo-localise cars and allow online payment
  • Reduce the Time-to-Market < 3 months: first prototype developed in August 2012, market launch in October 2012
  • Fast growing business plan
  • Optimise the company cash


  • Thanks to TrustedCloudFactory, InTech created an on-demand development factory for CiteeCar, and helped them to developed the solution directly from the existing prototype
  • The developers found a complete on-demand development environment
  • The application was developed and tested from 2 different sites in collaboration with CiteeCar and InTech teams
  • The transition from the development to the production environment was reduced to a simple drag&drop
  • The CiteeCar application is run on the TrustedCloudEurope platform
  • Elapse time from prototype to production: less than 3 months


  • Time-to-Market, short elapse time from idea to market launch
  • Collaboration of different teams based on different sites
  • No wall of incomprehension , fast and easy go-to-market
  • Flexibility, warranted by TrustedCloudFactory to adapt and adjust the business model to the market; a key issue for a company like CiteeCar developing a new market
  • High level of reactivity to improve and adapt the solution to the business: new features, new capacities

As a startup, our objective is to make our ideas meet the market quickly, to learn and to take the right decision as soon as possible. We have a very challenging planning of deployment and we must develop new features on a platform that must be able to support a growth by 10 in months, and we have to do that with limited and well controlled resources. Thanks to EBRC, InTech and TrustedCloudFactory, we were able to automate the full life cycle, from development to deployment in production in only few weeks. This was very challenging because we have a specific environment that was not supported by current PaaS offers. With TrustedCloudFactory, we have been able to deploy a custom PaaS, dedicated to our needs and based on standard tools, process and infrastructure. This is a rock solid IT foundation on which we can build our future (CiteeCar testimonial)