KBL epb

KBL optimized and secured its core platform into EBRC infrastructures.

KBL is a private banking group with offices in 6 European countries. Their project is the result of an IT strategy launched in 2014 with the two main objectives of replacing their core banking platform to harmonize their processes and tools, and relocating their calculation center in Luxembourg.

After an RFP (Request For Proposal) process, the decision to choose EBRC as IT partner for this project was obvious, for several reasons:

  • The security and reputation of the company,
  • The cost factor,
  • The trust relation that can be built between both companies.

The project was carried out in two years, during which KBL took the opportunity to refresh their technology without any negative impacts on the two projects.

In the following video, we invite you to discover Eric Mansuy's, CIO of KBL Luxembourg testimonial.