Digital&Trust : EBRC magazine 2019-2020 edition

Digital & Trust : EBRC magazine 2019-2020

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For many companies, unbridled globalisation and exponential digitisation are the two main factors creating increasing complexity.

Our ambition is to accompany our customers in this digital torrent: to give them confidence and show our trustworthiness. The essence of our Cyber-Resilience strategy gives rise to our full and integrated trusted services offers from the advisory to the operational management of IT infrastructures.

In this new edition of our "Digital&Trust" magazine, we help you understand the latest trends, and let you discover our expertise on future challenges and read about our collaboration with clients and partners.


Le Mag EBRC - 2018-2019 edition

Le Mag EBRC Edition 2918-2019

Build a better world with digital

Digital offers unlimited opportunities, however entering the digital world requires forethought and preparation. We must first adapt to these new perspectives but also learn to protect ourselves against the inherent risks to digitization, in order to become cyber-resilient.

Through our experts’ insights and our clients and partners testimonies, Le Mag EBRC allows you to apprehend digitization with a light spirit and to take up the Trust Challenge, together.


Cyber-Resilience towards Cyber-Reliance

Cyber-Résilience vers la Cyber-Reliance

Download our new Whitepaper "Cyber-Resilience towards Cyber-Reliance"

Risks are inherent to cyberspace

Dragged into an exponential digitization, societies and companies are more and more depending on the cyberspace, which gathers essential means for the economy. Human errors, bad practices, cyber-crimes… The fast increase of cyber-threats demonstrates the urgency of the situation, which affects each company and organisation.

Cyber-Resilience: a new paradigm

Our dependence on the digital world requires a change of behaviour, for more security but also more resilience by anticipating threats. It is now vital to integrate Cyber-Resilience as a necessary and urgent change of paradigm, to adopt best practices to be able to prevent, identify threats, prepare, protect, detect, analyse, respond and recover.


Give life to your projects - IT Nation Mag

Give life to your project

The construction of the digital single market is a great opportunity for European companies. EBRC's ambition is to be a trusted European player in the management of sensitive information. And our name, "European Business Reliance Centre", reflects this desire. We are convinced that without Trust, there can be no digital transformation. The digital revolution cannot be one-sided. For this reason, our business model and our services offer integrate these two sides of the coin - agility and security - across the entire value chain, to better meet the expectations of our clients. Trust is the key to their success. We strive on our own level to build a digital Europe of Trust for the benefit of our clients.

EBRC has and will continue to invest in the construction of an ecosystem built on win-win alliances and partnerships beyond national barriers, barriers that are destined to evaporate in the coming months. Our mission is not only to help our clients accelerate their business as a partner in their drive for innovation on the European market, but also to protect them.

This special edition was made in collaboration with IT Nation.


Digital needs Trust - White paper

Digital needs Trust - Livre Blanc

Building a Trusted digital ecosystem together

Trust  is  the  key  to  digital  development.  EBRC  -  the European  Business  Reliance  Centre  -  a  key  digital player,  is  aware  of  these  issues  and  of  its  social responsibility. EBRC’s mission is to support its clients, partners  and  stakeholders  in  this  new   information age,  this  digital  revolution  fraught  with  uncertainties, ripe  with  tremendous  opportunities  but  flanked by increasing threats.

To cope with these uncertainties, use the opportunities, and counter the threats, it is vital and critical to become aware of two  inseparable facets of this digital revolution. We wish to contribute to building this digital ecosystem of trust together, through our own mission, which is to  become  “a  European  centre  of  excellence  in  the management of sensitive information”.


"There is nothing permanent except change" - IT Nation Mag 2016

IT Fintech Data Centre Business Continuity Security

"There is nothing permanent except change" - Heraclitus of Ephesus - 540 BC

This quote from Heraclitus is certainly familiar. 540 years before the start of our era, it laid the foundation for innovation.

No other philosopher has ever been considered to be such a strong model by entrepreneurs and initiators of innovative projects from Europe to Silicon Valley. As a "business enabler", we focus on and promote this view in each of our projects with and for our Clients.

This support aims to share in our Clients' journey throughout the implementation of their projects, including digital transformation, start-up launches in the FinTech sector, highly secure architectures and highly available infrastructure.

This magazine has been made in collaboration with IT Nation.


EBRC at the heart of fintech

EBRC at the heart of fintech

From July 2000 to 2015 : 15 years already !

A beautiful adventure: EBRC, with a turnover of 58 million euros, 280 clients, 180 employees, more than 60 awards and certifications, and double-digit growth average...

2015 is the year EBRC will achieve an annual growth rate of 20%. We created EBRC from scratch, with our skills, our clients, our partners and the continued confidence of our shareholder. We did all this while experiencing four major global crises that heavily affected our sector.

15 years...At the heart of our activity, our data centre services have been online for 15 years without a single second of interrupted service. We’ve chosen a path of high quality and constant availability and now
export this expertise internationally

Our aim is to double by 2020 through organic growth, innovation, developing new markets and international connections, acquisitions or joint ventures, double our customer base, our turnover, and the size of our staff.
2000 was just yesterday. 2020 is tomorrow. We have five years to continue our international expansion and to become an indisputable European reference for the management of sensitive information.