Egerie EBRC Risk Business Advisory

« This year, 7 out of 10 businesses will be subjected to a critical cyberattack, and only 1
out of 10 will be prepared thanks to reliable risk mapping.»
EGERIE specialises in the integrated management of cyber risks and the protection of personal data. EGERIE already equips a large number of European major accounts looking to arrange accurate and visual resolutions in order to best manage security operations which correspond to their business challenges and regulatory restrictions.
EGERIE Risk Manager and Privacy Manager softwares enable optimal risk management and their joint use enables increased synergies between RSSI and DPO.

EGERIE RISK MANAGER: mobilizing the organization to deal with cyberthreats

With Risk Manager, the CISO is no longer isolated. A collaborative and automated approach makes it possible to mobilize the company, from regulatory compliance to the implementation of an optimized governance of the cyber-risk with:

  • Prequalification
  • Dynamic modeling / mapping
  • Evaluation / impact analysis
  • Proposal of measures / Navigation
  • Documentation

EGERIE PRIVACY MANAGER: GDPR compliance made easy

Your role as DPO is evolving. Privacy Manager allows you to build on current declaratory files to set up the GDPR data registers. Thanks to Privacy Manager, you can demonstrate data protection in your procedures and comply with the GDPR accountability requirement.

  • Manage registers and files
  • Evaluate risks
  • Map
  • Impact Analysis (DPIA)
  • Automatically edit reports
  • Management