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Bring your projects to life easily with the best guarantees

EBRC supports digital and innovative start-ups: from translating their ideas into an efficient technological service, all the way up to hosting and managing their system environment. Our cloud solutions enable you to quickly and securely start your project in a flexible and at-your-pace secured way.

Thanks to our integrated services, you can flexibly deploy your business in the European market. You, as a start-up entrepreneur, must be able to support your development thanks to reliable partners offering flexible resources. With EBRC, you can count on the best skills and service quality to ensure your business credibility and sustainability. Besides, you must be able to quickly match your IT resources with your business development. EBRC deploys IT services enabling you to focus on what is important, namely your products and your market. Trust EBRC to design and implement the IT environment that will support the optimal deployment of your solution, while guaranteeing the highest levels of availability and security.

Start-up: bring your digital ideas to life

EBRC helped many start-ups bring their ideas to life. In particular, we work closely with innovative companies in the fields of FinTech, Health, Aerospace industry, and Digital economy. Starting with a blank slate and an idea, we implement your digital services gradually by scaling them up over time.

Our cloud, an IT environment matching to your needs

By definition, your start-up will grow, expand, and will have to quickly meet new requirements. With this in mind, EBRC positions itself as a real partner for your innovations, providing you the best IT environment matching your needs in terms of resources thanks to a “pay as you grow” model. By entrusting the management and maintenance of your systems to EBRC, through its cloud, you will be able to focus your efforts on your development.

EBRC becomes a real partner for your business

Meet regulatory requirements

EBRC is a European company specialised in the management of sensitive data. Our expertise and our certifications guarantee you a quick deployment in the market, while meeting all regulatory requirements relating to data protection and security.

Meet regulatory requirements

Our certifications, a guarantee of Trust for your customers

As a partner of the start-up development, we enable you to rely on our expertise, procedures, references and certifications (Tier IV, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, PCI DSS, etc.) as well as our PFS status to better convince your future customers.

Discover our certifications

Join the Powered by EBRC programme to advertise your solution

Your customers are demanding, and your business depends on the quality of your IT. By opting for EBRC services, you choose a recognised partner in the market: shout it out loud! Through the Powered by EBRC programme, you will have access to a set of communication tools with which you can advertise your services. Discover how with our 70 international certifications and awards, we provide you with a quality label recognised among professionals sensitive to security, confidentiality and high availability.

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