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Our international certifications ensure that you can easily meet all technical and regulatory requirements.
Enjoy quick access to the European market.

Speed up your strategic development thanks to the EBRC’s experience. Luxembourg is at the heart of the digital Europe. Enjoying a prime location at the economic centre of the European Union, the country is extremely well connected to the rest of the continent. EBRC built its Tier IV Data Centre infrastructures in this favourable environment and developed a range of integrated services to meet the needs of international businesses willing to position their digital assets in Europe.

Demand state-of-the-art European digital infrastructures, the key to your success

EBRC is the sole European company offering a full range of IT services in its Tier IV certified Data Centres, thus providing international stakeholders the highest level of service availability and optimal security. These infrastructures, which are extremely well connected to the major European markets, enable every company to offer online services throughout the entire continent with the highest quality of service. The European market size and dynamism make it a priority target in the development of many international companies.

Be it for finance, e-commerce, digital broadcasting, gaming, biotech or aerospace industries, EBRC has extensive experience in the management of sensitive data and will be your trusted partner to position and manage your IT services at the very heart of Europe.


Position your centres in Europe and focus on your business

Whether in our Data Centres or from the Cloud, our certified technical and operational teams guarantee the highest level of service. According to your needs and quality criteria, we will support you in the implementation of your system environment, ensuring that it meets the technical and regulatory requirements that govern your business sector.

Services to match your ambitions

For many years, EBRC has been the partner of over 80% of the stakeholders of Luxembourg’s financial market, the second largest fund management place worldwide.

The experience gained working with these sensitive customers, operating within a strict regulatory framework and requiring extremely demanding specifications, is of interest to many other companies in various sectors, including the most critical ones (aerospace, health, FinTech, entertainment, media, etc.).

They benefit from extremely low latency from our Data Centres, the highest availability and service security in order to be able to provide their customers with quality experiences. Our technical teams set up and carry out the operational management of the systems, enabling our customers to optimise their resources and focus all their attention on their commercial development.

Thanks to state-of-the-art and flexible infrastructures, certified processes and experienced teams, EBRC is the trusted partner serving the European ambitions of the most demanding companies wishing to conquer the European market.

Benefit from certifications and state-of-the-art infrastructures

Guarantees and certifications, key features of an efficient development

Operating in the international market of the digital economy with security, integrity and confidentiality as unique selling points, EBRC provides guarantees at all levels of the value chain and is involved in the most demanding certification and normalisation processes (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, etc.), all the more with its status as a “Professional of the Financial Sector” (PFS).

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EBRC meets all the requirements of a "Professional of the Financial Sector" status

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