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A security component for each step of your project

Cybersecurity is a major concern for every business. No businesses are currently immune to a cyberattack. EBRC deploys and implements IT security best practices in order to ensure optimal protection for your systems and data.

The cybercrime threat becomes ever more complex. It is increasingly difficult to deal with and guard against. Without the skills of experts, system protection technologies are not sufficient. As an IT service company and a critical operator, EBRC - European leader in the management of sensitive data – has developed strong know-how in cyberthreat protection. Benefit from that expertise and advice provided by our team of consultants and from our cybersecurity services.

IT security, more than an issue of protection

To ensure optimal protection for its customers’ systems and data, EBRC has mastered all aspects of cybersecurity and cyber-resilience.

Its approach, starting with a continuous analysis of threats and the appropriate response, aims at continuously improving the protection of your information systems and data.

Improve cybersecurity in a more open world

Rely on our expertise to protect your systems, whether or not they are hosted in our Data Centres.

By opting for our IT security services and the innovative technologies that support them, our customers have access to reinforced security, creating the conditions of trust conducive to developing their business.

Our clients access to strengthened security

A team of specialists dedicated to cybersecurity

Reinforce your security with the expertise of a 20-specialist-team ensuring your systems are protected thanks to its knowledge of the threats and the vulnerabilities. The team is at your service, offers shared services, and provides daily support to improve your IT security.

EBRC has its own CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) available 24/7. In early 2017, the team took part in the largest cyberattack simulation launched on European soil and organised by the ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency).

Our “as a Service” cybersecurity solutions

EBRC supports its services with exclusive partnerships with leaders in the European cybersecurity market: Guidance Software Opentext, HP, ITrust France. These companies use innovative threat analysis and response technologies to provide enhanced protection for your systems and data.

Our Trusted Security offer gathers :

  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a Service: Optimal 24/7 protection for your systems and data.
  • Cybersecurity & Forensics as a Service: Ensure that the threat is not hiding in your systems.
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service: Improve the management of your vulnerabilities.

Assess your systems’ security! Request an audit from our experts.

With exclusive partnerships with leaders, EBRC reinforce its Security offer

Identification and assessment of risks, threats, and asset value.


Training in risk, implementation of protection procedures and technologies.


Continuous systems and network monitoring.


Planning responses and communications. Implementation of corrective procedures.


Planning, recovery and communication procedure.

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