Trusted Resilience Services

A Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure the continuity of your services

In an increasingly digital and connected world, EBRC enables you to enhance your risk management and cope with uncertainty.

With our Trusted Resilience Services, our teams help you to assess and measure your risks and implement business recovery procedures enabling you to cope with a crisis thanks to a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Resilience for your IT

EBRC has developed a unique approach to help you enhance risk management and anticipate potential problems. A better understanding of the risks makes it possible to implement the appropriate procedures to solve the various problems that you may encounter.

Our teams help you to develop your business continuity strategy, as well as to implement business continuity and recovery plans, for both your systems and your teams.

Ensure your service continuity under any circumstances

Our business continuity services are tailored to your needs, depending on the nature of your business.

Information back-up, redundant systems, data deduplication…, EBRC will restore your operational processes in no time so that your business will continue under any circumstances. The certifications of our infrastructures and procedures enable us to provide you with an optimal level of security. EBRC brings you peace of mind, thanks to a better management of risks, thus enabling you to focus on developing new business opportunities.

Have you assess the impacts on your system ?

1,000 emergency workstations for business continuity

EBRC’s infrastructures provide its customers with emergency work area recovery stations for your employees in the event that their premises are unavailable.

Thanks to EBRC Trusted Resilience Services, your employees can access their personal work environment from our business continuity workstations, so that your business can go on just as usual.

Are you ready to deal with potential incidents?

Assess your IT resilience with one of our experts.

Our Trusted Resilience Offers

For all inquiries related to our Trusted Resilience offer, please refer to our contact form. A member of the Trusted Resilience team will contact you in order to assess your project.

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