Cyber-Resilience, at the heart of EBRC's activities

Since its inception in 2000, EBRC – European Business Reliance Centre – has helped businesses to grow confidently in the digital age.

Exponential digitisation creates new opportunities but also growing threats.

Faced with a significant increase of risks, we help businesses protecting their data with our years of experience and our “Cyber-Resilience” practices and know-how.

Relying on a team of over 300 experts based in Luxembourg and France, we provide support throughout the entire data protection value chain: risk management, business continuity, 24/7 management, protection and security of sensitive data, “Cyber-Security” Advisory services, compliance, alignment with best practices and international certifications (ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, PCI DSS, Tier IV…).

Cyber-Resilience should enable businesses to protect themselves against risks on a day-to-day basis, much like the human body defends and strengthens itself every day by developing its immunity.

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End-to-end guidance

In a digital environment increasingly exposed to risk, guaranteeing business continuity and security requires more proactive and better integrated approaches. We promote Cyber-Resilience by applying the latest standards and best practices in order to protect “by design” processes, systems and infrastructures, and thus guarantee organisations’ trust in digital.  

In order to establish this permanent immunity of businesses against Cyber-risks, it is necessary to be able to constantly detect and identify threats, protect and restore data and systems in case of attack. The objective is  to guarantee  high availability and security to the business. In this context, we offer tailored guidance based on our range of “Trusted Services”, and more specifically on Trusted Advisory Services, and Trusted Resilience Services.

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"Digital needs Trust" : building together a trusted digital ecoystem

Trust is key to digital development, but it is also the basis of Cyber-Resilience. The digital revolution is underway: it will radically transform all aspects of our society. We are aware of these stakes and of our social responsibility. Our teams aim to provide guidance to our clients, partners and stakeholders to allow them to move forward in this new information era with confidence. To face uncertainties, take advantage of opportunities and counter threats, it is vital and urgent to take into consideration the two inseparable facets of the digital revolution: agility and security.

Through our ambition: “Becoming a European centre of excellence in the management of sensitive information”, we aim to contribute to build together a trusted digital ecosystem.

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Providing guidance to overcome your challenges

In a digital environment increasingly exposed to risks, it is important to surround oneself with trusted partners. Our clients benefit from the feedback we receive and from tested solutions that meet the highest regulatory requirements:

  • Our consultants are experienced and certified in risk management, resilience organisation, information security management, business continuity management, protection of critical business and transactions, vulnerability management, audits and penetration tests, data analysis and forensics investigations, security of cloud servers, support in ISO 22301, ISO 27001 certification programmes, etc.

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  • Our ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27018, PCI DSS certifications and SIEM solutions enable us to operate critical infrastructures and transactions in the financial, medical, industrial and defence sectors. Our teams operate these critical services for over 400 international clients.

We have over 70 local and international certifications and awards. Discover all our awards.

  • Our vision? Being a centre of excellence in the management of sensitive information at the heart of Europe.

  • For our critical clients, we offer a range of Managed Services including fully integrated end-to-end certified continuity and security services.

  • We have our own SOC (Security Operations Center) and our own CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) within our internal teams.

  • By relying on EBRC, our clients naturally benefit from our international certifications, thus enabling them to develop their business as well as attract new clients and get awarded tenders that are increasingly demanding in terms of compliance, continuity, security and auditability.

  • Thanks to EBRC, clients can quickly obtain certifications enabling them to set apart from the competition in the ongoing digital revolution.

For example, we supported ARENDT SERVICES in obtaining their ISO 22301 certification.

Opt for an integrated approach that goes beyond Cyber-Security. Enter the age of Cyber-Resilience.

What we recommend to our clients is what we implement internally

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