Towards a trusted digital Europe - EBRC Special Edition 2017 - 2018

EBRC just published a special edition in collaboration with ITNation to tackle the issues and opportunities afforded by digitalisation.

The digital transformation – two sides of a coin

We are witnessing an exponential acceleration of society. Technology is invading our everyday life: connected cars will soon be autonomous, medical care is increasingly assisted by artificial intelligence, there’s the Internet of Things, robotics, big data,... Right after the 3rd industrial revolution, the 4th is coming, with digital technology as its catalyst. Very soon, robots will be everywhere, both the physical robots that we already know and the logical kind: algorithms.

Under the 2017 presidency of Estonia, the European Union has accelerated its digital agenda: the "free movement of non-personal data" is becoming the "5th fundamental freedom", after the free movement of goods, capital, services and people. 

On top of this new framework, new cybersecurity measures are being taken to better protect EU citizens and businesses in the digital age.

Unbridled digitalisation indeed has two closely linked sides:

  • On one hand, it allows the economy to reinvent itself and bring about new innovative business models that are sometimes disruptive. It promotes agility and increases efficacy and efficiency;

  • On the other hand, it also introduces new risks with brutal and immediate consequences, such as increasingly complex cybersecurity attacks, the leakage of personal or strategic data, or incidents like the failure of a Data Centre which recently grounded the flights of an entire airline.

Accelerate and protect, with trust

The construction of the digital single market is a great opportunity for European companies. EBRC's ambition is to be a trusted European player in the management of sensitive information. And our name, "European Business Reliance Centre", reflects this desire. We are convinced that without Trust, there can be no digital transformation. The digital revolution cannot be one-sided.

For this reason, our business model and our service offer integrate these two sides of the coin - agility and security - across the entire value chain, to better meet the expectations of our clients. Trust is the key to their success. We strive on our own level to build a digital Europe of Trust for the benefit of our clients.

EBRC has and will continue to invest in the construction of an ecosystem built on win-win alliances and partnerships beyond national barriers, barriers that are destined to evaporate in the coming months.

Our mission is not only to help our clients accelerate their business as a partner in their drive for innovation on the European market, but also to protect them.

Yves Reding,


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