The President of the Portuguese Republic visited EBRC' Tier-IV-Certified Data Centre
The President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, visits the EBRC Data Centre in Betzdorf in the presence of the Grand Duke and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel as part of his state visit to Luxembourg.

The President of the Portuguese Republic visited EBRC’s Tier-IV-certified Data Centre, along with Margarida Marques, Secretary of State for European Affairs, José Luís Carneiro, Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, as well as several members of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, including Carla Cruz, Carlos Alberto Gonçalves, Isabel Galriça Neto, Isabel Pires and Paulo Pisco. As part of this state visit to Luxembourg, the Portuguese delegation was welcomed by the CEO of Post Luxembourg, Claude Strasser, and the group’s Chief Information Officer, Pierre Zimmer. With the guidance of EBRC teams, in particular Jerry Probst, EBRC’s International Business Development Manager, and Bruno Fery, Head of Data Centre Services, they visited an IT room under strict surveillance. Both countries share a strong focus on the digital economy. As pioneer in the development of highly secure infrastructures, Luxembourg is proving to be a leading player in the European ICT industry. EBRC and Post demonstrate its excellence. Press release by EBRC, May 2017