Powered by EBRC", trusted solutions as a service by EBRC

Powered by EBRC was born by listening to our clients. The programme has been designed to serve them as efficiently as possible, and to enable them to reap the full benefits of their collaboration with EBRC. It quickly caught the interest of others in FinTech, RegTech, HealthTech and SpaceTech.

In response to market demand

Those who have embarked on entrepreneurship by creating their start-ups, who have started a spin-off for their company or who have launched a new service know how much energy is needed to convince future clients with tangible guarantees. Having limited resources drastically reduces your margin of error, and being convincing requires stringent performance criteria, in addition to an increasingly high level of security. This is especially true when it comes to managing financial flows, or confidential, sensitive and / or critical data.

As an IT services company in Luxembourg, the second biggest fund management centre in the world after the United States, EBRC is a natural partner for FinTech. The transaction volume that these young start-ups handle runs in the millions of euros and exceeds even this scale when it comes to payment collection for large players. Obviously the sector is strictly regulated and EBRC benefits from certifications based on international standards that are regularly audited. It is this set of guarantees that caught the attention of our clients. The Powered by EBRC programme allows each partner who uses EBRC's Trusted Services Europe solutions to inherit their guarantees, which are based on standards and certifications (ISO 27001-20000-22301-27018, PCI DSS, PSF label...).
This programme has been designed based on EBRC's fundamental principles: trust, excellence, an offer that's secure "by design", an integrated and complete offering from advisory services to operations.

The 10 strengths

  1. A comprehensive and integrated service offering, the Trusted Services Europe, integrating data centres, the cloud, consulting, cybersecurity, business continuity and managed services
  2. Security "by design" from the conceptual to the operational phases with an SOC and a CERT
  3. Strong guarantees via international certifications and standards like ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, Tier IV Design & Constructed Facility, to name only the most common
  4. Mastery and compliance with demanding regulatory frameworks such as the PSF or GDPR legislation
  5. Know-how in securing information since the creation of EBRC in 2000
  6. Integrated high availability for Internet businesses running 24/7
  7. Strong resilience and integrated business continuity offering coupled with disaster recovery services. EBRC has 1000 disaster recovery workstations that can be activated with an SLA<2h00
  8. Perfect connectivity with European financial and capital markets, offering ultra-low latency (4.8ms to Paris, 4.5ms to Frankfurt, 8ms to London)
  9. Service performance: zero downtime since the launch of the data centre offering in 2000, and a first critical level for high availability applications
  10. A recognised brand in the protection of sensitive information for businesses.

Facilitating synergies for a virtuous ecosystem

The synergies created by membership in the "Powered by EBRC" programme allow the partners to inherit the EBRC quality label and to go further in the development of their businesses in a win/win approach. A marketing and communications action plan is thus defined together before launching. Often, it's about communicating to make the company and its value proposition known. This virtuous ecosystem allows EBRC clients to access a catalogue of innovative, mature solutions that are available on infrastructures close to their own in a trusted environment.

The feedback gained from the interaction with start-ups has been a catalyst to improve agility while evolving towards the role of a business enabler. In terms of service offerings, the Cloud EBRC -TrustedCloudEurope offer is particularly effective for the FinTech sector because it enables a quick launch for any project, and our "Powered by EBRC" partners appreciate the support that EBRC can offer throughout the development of their activities, whether via consulting or operating their IT (managed services).

Taking stock

The results are very positive, both for the partners and EBRC. Enabling the development of privileged links, "Powered by EBRC" accelerates its evolution from the role of an IT services company to the that of an integrated partner in a global value chain who is involved in the client's business development. The programme has fostered the development of a business mindset. EBRC teams find their role in the service production chain by getting to know their client's business. On the sales side, business managers enrich their value proposition with solutions that they can often offer based on SaaS from EBRC's infrastructures. In this way, they can create new and complementary ecosystems. This is a useful and virtuous system that serves all members of the "Powered by EBRC" programme.

"Powered by EBRC" in numbers

Launch: October 2016
Project Manager: Delphine Anzevui
Goal: to promote 10 innovative projects or start-ups
Active Partners PbE: 11
Business Sectors: FinTech, RegTech, SpaceTech, HealTech, Internet, Security, IT Support
Partner news can be followed on: our partner sites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Published in the LG - November 2017

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