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EBRC selected the platform to facilitate exchanges with its customers as part of its efforts to ensure the services offered are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

EBRC wished to secure the communication relating to changes to its contractual conditions in order to ensure that its clients are GDPR-compliant, while introducing a simple, customised and secure tool for exchanging documents and procedures. To achieve this, it selected the SYD (Secure Your Deals) tool which offers a solution hosted by EBRC and available in its “Powered by EBRC” catalogue. “EBRC has always made a priority of protecting personal data and sensitive information”, said Sandrine Boucquey, EBRC Head of HR & Legal. The General Data Protection Regulation introduces major changes as regards liability for the use of such data. The new European legislation requires us to contact our clients, in order to provide them with answers to their questions and with the essential guarantees in terms of management, protection and preservation of their data.”

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Fostering better interactions

In order to facilitate exchanges with customers and foster better interaction, EBRC selected the platform. This digital platform serves to bring together a number of stakeholders and facilitate exchanges between them, in particular in the context of commercial negotiations or during collaborative sharing of contractual documents. “In that legal context, it is important to be able to formalise each party’s obligations, both our own and our customers’”, said Sandrine Boucquey. “This can involve drawing up documents, the many follow-up interactions, approvals from various managers, and more, and that work can quickly become a chore. simplifies and accelerates exchanges relating to technical and legal matters. The solution makes it possible to track exchanges, thus guaranteeing a better follow-up of the terms’ negotiation.

More fluidity and transparency in exchanges

The adopted approach made it possible to set up a process that was implemented in the platform. EBRC initialises the process by issuing a document informing each of its customers about the way in which the personal data is processed in accordance with the GDPR. Clients can accept it as is or negotiate certain parts of it depending on their requirements. “Our customers are thus better informed and are aware of the exposure risks of users’ private lives, the challenges inherent to the necessary protection, and are able to knowingly define their requirements that are then formalised in a jointly drawn-up document, said Sandrine Boucquey. “Through the particularly user-friendly platform, communication is made all the more fluid. The document can be discussed among the parties, and each of them enjoy the greatest transparency in their exchanges.

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Accelerating the compliance process

The platform was developed by the PaySecure WorldWide start-up, with the aim of gather the stakeholders for a commercial, legal, financial or other transaction throughout the various steps of the process, from establishing initial contact to the follow-up of the transaction. From the start of the relationship all the way through to its end, the platform makes it possible to carry out each of the key steps including the due diligence of the stakeholders present, drawing up specifications and signing agreements. “The platform’s features perfectly meet the challenges with which EBRC is currently faced. They guarantee optimal collaboration while being secure, offering real advantages in terms of transparency and risk management”, explained Saïd El Bakkali, CEO of The platform guarantees the identification and authentication of the stakeholders. Beyond that, each stakeholder has clear visibility on the documents on which they have agreed thanks to validation features. “The platform considerably accelerates the compliance process”, said Saïd El Bakkali. “EBRC knows the solution and the possibilities that it offers. The GDPR challenge is the ideal way to take advantage of the solution. The platform was initially designed to make it possible to more efficiently manage commercial relationships, and it must be noted that it serves to guarantee the quality and security of exchanges relating to sensitive documents, as is the case here.

The platform considerably accelerates the compliance process

Guaranteed security

Ensuring the security of exchanges is obviously a priority in the negotiations context. EBRC, which hosts the platform, ensures that it met the required security criteria and that the data exchanged was kept in a safe place. “The exchanges conducted via the platform are sensitive. It is important to ensure that they are all secure and that they meet the requirements defined by the European regulatory framework”, explained Fabien Huraux, EBRC Data Protection Officer. “Our desire, faced with these challenges, was also to be involved in the exchange with our customers, to be able to support them, by answering their concerns and questions regarding the way in which we manage and protect the data of their own customers. We wanted to demonstrate our added value for clients in this area, and support them as regards understanding their new obligations.

Involving all parties

In exchanges, it is often large numbers of individuals that are concerned by the processing of data, both within the customer company and in EBRC. “The platform enables all stakeholders in the process to get themselves up-to-date with a perfect understanding of the information”, said Saïd El Bakkali. “Beyond the challenge of compliance, the platform could also be used in other contexts in the future, to draw up our contracts with our clients or to review our Service Level Agreements. We want to put this tool that greatly facilitates negotiations in the hands of our customers, in the hope that all users use it for exchanges relating to other transactions. perfectly meets this need”, concluded Sandrine Boucquey.

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