NSA, the authentication at your fingertips
Approving a transaction securely using your fingerprints is one of the possibilities afforded by the authentication solution developed by Natural Security Alliance. The solution, which is hosted and operated in Luxembourg by EBRC, offers a simple and secure user experience to access a range of services including payments, online authentication and access control. “The solution ensures that the fingerprints on the biometric reader correspond to those stored on the smartphone, which stays in the user's pocket throughout the entire transaction”, Cédric Hozanne, CEO of NS Alliance.

NSA, a success story

Natural Security Alliance was created to promote and develop a simple and highly secure, single sign-in solution, based on user biometrics and smartphones. The association brings together businesses and professionals from different areas - banks, merchants, industrials – and of various sizes. The Natural Security solution ensures the strong authentication of users to, for example, make a payment. “The interest for our members is to be able to rely on a unique solution to offer their clients an ergonomic and highly secure process, easy to use on a daily basis”, explains Cédric Hozanne, CEO of NS Alliance.


The challenge was to develop an extremely secure and easy to use solution while using very sensitive information, i.e. the biometric data of the users. “There is no centralised biometric database here. With our solution, everyone remains in control of their own biometric data stored in a very secure way on their smartphone, through a specific application. For a payment, it is sufficient to put your finger on the biometric terminal provided by the merchant, without even having to do anything on your smartphone, adds Cédric Hozanne. The correspondence between the fingerprint collected by the biometric reader and the one stored on the user's smartphone is then automatically checked.”

It took more than six years of research and development to set up this technology, which works both in the physical world and on the Internet, and meets all regulatory requirements for data protection, security and secure authentication.

The solution is deployed and operated by EBRC’s teams and is offered to clients as "Software as a Service”. “This guarantees a high level of availability for all users across Europe”, says Cédric Hozanne.

First users

The Natural Security authentication solution is now in the commercial launch phase. In the Lille region, two organisations are already using it: the EDHEC Business School in Lille, and the headquarters of ONEY bank, which already accounts for more than 1500 transactions since the beginning of the year.

The advantage of the hands-free ergonomic process of Natural Security mainly lies in the smoother transaction at the cash register. There is no longer a need to wait for a client to take out his smartphone while a queue is forming at the back”, develops Cédric Hozanne.

Several members of the Alliance, including big names such as Auchan, BNP Paribas, ONEY Bank, Crédit Agricole, Carrefour Banque, Safran Morpho, Natixis Payment, Crédit Mutuel and many others are considering using the solution to offer an enhanced user experience in the payments area and access to online services.

Natural Security is "Powered by EBRC". Want to learn more about this project and the opportunities ? Visit our page "Powered by EBRC"