Natural Security Alliance (NSA) is powered by EBRC

Natural Security Alliance (NSA) was created in 2013 to promote and develop a unique, simple and highly secure connection solution based on user biometrics and smartphones.


  • What challenge(s) do you address?  

Simple and secure access to various services.

  • What situation do you solve for your clients?

Compliance with European regulations and simplification of the customer process.


  • What is/are your Solution(s) to solve your clients’ situation?

Our solution makes it possible to access various online or local services, such as payment, within a secure application that complies with European regulations in terms of payment and privacy.

  • What is its innovative nature?

Authentication of factors on a smartphone, enabling the aggregation of services as well as the use of biometrics for proximity transactions without handling the smartphone.

  • What are its advantages?

Speed, simplicity and security are the main advantages of the solution.

  • What are its performances?

The proximity payment transaction is carried out in less than two seconds which is 5 to 15 times less than with current card devices (contact or contactless).

Factual benefits

  • How do your clients benefit from your Solution?

End customers must download the Natural Security Alliance application before they can use it at partner stores. For businesses in which biometrics are accepted, users must first register their fingerprints with one of NSA's merchant partners.

  • What type of EBRC services do you use?  

The hosting and support services.

  • Why did you choose EBRC?

For the quality of the services provided by the teams as well as the hosting and support services.