My-Saam, a solution "Powered by EBRC", enables VSEs to control their profitability
For executives of Very Small Enterprises (VSEs), monitoring their profitability can be a difficult task due to the lack of financial means and information. My-Saam, a member of ITS4U GROUP (an independent digital service provider), has therefore developed a solution allowing them to better evaluate their profitability throughout the year, with updated figures to support their decisions. My-Saam Vision is a collaborative platform enabling synergies between accountant skills and the activity of the VSEs. Its creators, Christian Huver, a digital professional, and Serge Vitali, who developed a consulting solution for the financial management of companies, present us this innovative solution.

Continuously updated information

The difficult part, which exceeded the initial scope of ambition, was creating a high-quality solution that is easy to use and that integrates the latest figures achieved by the VSE. "We wanted a comprehensive tool that made things easier for the manager so he wouldn't have to wait several months for his financial statements to make the necessary decisions. Therefore, the solution provides simple indicators easy to understand and to interpret and that shed light on profitability and the measures that need to be taken", explains Christian Huver. "We also wanted to enable them, through our platform, to benefit from the best possible advice from their accountant in terms of business management", adds Serge Vitali.

With the consulting expertise of the accountant

My-Saam has therefore developed a solution offered to VSE directors through their accountants. "Based on a forecasted operating account, the accountant can adjust the various indicators to monitor throughout a fiscal year", explains Christian Huver. At any time, the director can edit estimates, monitor services, produce invoices, and more, by connecting to this "Software as a Service" tool. "Taking into account the estimated budget, the data entered into the system changes several indicators such as turnover, net profit or loss, generated margins, the cash flow statement or overall return. The accountant, alongside the director, can thus assess the situation at the present moment and suggest the measures needed to anticipate and correct financial risks: the system thus provides a lot of added value", assures Serge Vitali.

International ambitions

My-Saam Vision solution is supported by EBRC, which hosts and manages its infrastructure. "Our ambition is to be able to commercialise this solution on an international level from Luxembourg. EBRC's expertise guarantees impeccable quality of service and the high level of security necessary to the protection of our clients’ data", adds Christian Huver. “On the other hand, as a partner, the "Powered by EBRC" programme offers us real visibility among a diverse client base looking for effective solutions."

My-Saam is "Powered by EBRC". Want to learn more about this project and the opportunities ? Visit our page "Powered by EBRC"