My-Saam IP is powered by EBRC

My-Saam IP is a software development company created in 2016.


  • What challenge(s) do you address?  

My-Saam Vision supports VSEs, entrepreneurs and craftsmen in the proper management of their business, this enables them to monitor their commercial and financial performance at any time. Much more than just quotation and invoicing software, its comprehensive functionalities make it possible to report on the profitability of the business as soon as quotations are drawn up and to see the impact on the company's results.

My-Saam Vision also enables users to perform various simulations of projected operating accounts and to apply or disregard these modifications. The company thus keeps a daily eye on the objectives to be achieved and what is being achieved at any given moment. As a co-pilot of your company, My-Saam Vision helps you make the right decisions to develop your company in a healthy and viable way.

  • What situation do you solve for your clients?

For very small businesses, having a real-time view of their profitability from the time the quotation is drawn up to the time at which a deal is invoiced.


  • What is/are your Solution(s) to solve your clients’ situation?

Real-time analysis of profitability as soon as the quotation is drawn up.

  • What is its innovative nature?

My-Saam Vision compares a business plan with the result actually achieved at any given time. It can also run real-time simulations and measure the impact of a decision.

  • What are its advantages?

Ease of use, time saving in administrative burdens and real-time profitability analysis.

  • What are its performances?

The Saas mode.

Factual benefits

  • How do your clients benefit from your Solution?

By monthly (no commitment) or annual subscription in SaaS mode.

  • What type of EBRC services do you use?

Trusted Cloud Europe.

  • Why did you choose EBRC?

Because we wanted to host our solution in Luxembourg.