Limonetik reconciles alternative payment methods in collaboration with EBRC

Limonetik has developed a platform for online retailers that gives them access to over 80 payment methods. To ensure the availability of its systems and the security of the cashflows, it has chosen to host its technology within the EBRC data centers in Luxembourg.

The use of credit cards for online payments is slowing.

New payment methods, providing greater ease of use, among other benefits, are increasingly in demand. "Worldwide, there are between 200 and 300 alternative payment methods, which are increasingly being used. In 2015, the amounts paid using these alternatives have exceeded those paid with a credit card," says Christophe Bourbier, CEO and co-founder of Limonetik. The French FinTech company offers a platform that combines more than 80 different payment methods.  "With it, e-commerce websites but also international payment platforms can easily offer a solution that meets their expectations."

Serving the biggest players

The Limonetik platform connects payment methods, and it manages and reconciles all flows passing through the platform securely. "We can be proud to serve the top 100 French e-commerce websites, like Vente-privée and LaRedoute. All of them use Limonetik to access all or part of the payment methods that we offer. "

Security in Luxembourg

Limonetik, with his team of 25 people, continues its international expansion. To support its growth while ensuring the continuous availability of its services and optimal transaction security, the company trusted EBRC in Luxembourg where it chose to host its IT systems. "We have no room for error. In the field of payments, data security and availability of the payment solution are critical. It is therefore necessary to carefully manage the growth of the monetary flows related to our development, but also due to the seasonality of the commercial sector," says Christophe Bourbier. Computer resources therefore have to evolve with the demands. "In EBRC, we found an experienced partner specialising in the management of sensitive data, which understands the financial sector issues in terms of security and regulation while helping us grow."

Limonetik : Payment in 2050 & beyond

Limonetik has recently published an e-book titled "Payment in 2050 & beyond". Downloadable in English and in French, this e-book aims at drawing a picture of the payment industry's future.

Through articles and case studies written by experts of the sector, this e-book addresses three main pillars : Revolution of habits, The end of monopolies and the New business model these changes are implying. Jean-François Hugon, Head of Marketing, EBRC, shares his expertise in payment's future through his article : "Payment will be at the forefront of the global war for digital leadership".

To download the English version : follow this link