Limonetik is powered by EBRC

Created in 2008, Limonetik is nowadays considered as one of the most disruptive companies on the payment market and proves its value through major contracts signed with the largest PSPs, international buyers, and B2B Marketplaces. Limonetik’s first challenges were to process and create payment methods, but also simplify and accelerate their development on the Internet.


  • What challenge(s) do you address?

Providing customers with a simple, fast and secure payment solution.

  • What situation do you solve for your clients?

The Limonetik solution addresses the issues related to the globalization of online commerce and payment, in general, and answers to Marketplace and financial flow reconciliation issues.


  • What is/are your Solution(s) to solve your clients’ situation?

Labelled "Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce 2015" by the international research firm Gartner, Limonetik is an international FinTech player. The French company offers a platform of online payment solutions that meet the needs of e-merchants, marketplaces, payment issuers and payment service providers.

  • What is its innovative nature?

Limonetik offers a so-called "Full service" on-demand payment solution which connects international payment methods to Marketplaces and merchants directly or through their PSP. Thanks to a unique and rich API, Limonetik offers advanced services ranging from simple processing to collection and reconciliation, currency conversion, financial flow reporting, etc. Limonetik is also stands guarantor for regulatory compliance.

  • What are its advantages?

Today, many PSPs exist but many just offer a generic offer. Limonetik's competitive advantage is based on this difference: with its highly customer-oriented payment platform, the company offers a service with a deep understanding of the complexity of the internal methods and processes of Retailers and Marketplaces.

  • What are its performances?

Limonetik's payment platform provides access to a wide portfolio of payment methods worldwide and manages their processing. It also helps its users to increase their productivity by simplifying payment flow management for them. Finally, the platform automates the distribution of vendor payments, calculates commissions and converts currencies while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Factual benefits

  • How do your clients benefit from your Solution?

EBRC guarantees the availability of the service for all payment methods offered by Limonetik.

  • What type of EBRC services do you use?

A hosting service.

  • Why did you choose EBRC?

Limonetik has been working with EBRC since 2012 and had chosen its services because the company was then the only supplier with PCI DSS accreditation and which could provide full banking services (3 certified Tier IV Data Centres).