KNEIP is a key player in the fund industry with 23 years of experience. It has always accompanied investment fund and financial media companies in their information management. During that time, change became one of the core components of its DNA. With the help of EBRC, it has given itself an IT environment that allows it to better face future challenges. 

KNEIP is probably one of the most important Luxembourg FinTech companies, and certainly the biggest of the supporting PSF ("Professional of the Financial Sector"). The company, founded by Bob KNEIP, a visionary entrepreneur and lover of pop art, has been active in the management of financial data for over 20 years. Every day, it delivers large amounts of financial information, which can immediately be used, to over 200 media channels throughout the world. Among them are notably Bloomberg and Reuters. "We have developed further while always ensuring that we meet the growing needs for information of our industry and provide a reliable, high-quality, and directly usable stream of information to our media partners. We focused on this with such intensity that we became the largest provider of financial information in the world," explains Lee Godfrey, deputy CEO of KNEIP.

With six offices worldwide and more than 270 employees, the Luxembourg-based company is certainly no longer a start-up. Growing up did not keep it from preserving its innovative culture, though. "We were able to diversify by maintaining our culture of change and by relying in particular on new technologies," says Jean-Luc Brach, CIO of KNEIP.

Starting with the high-quality data it receives from its clients, fund managers and distributors, KNEIP helps them to meet different regulatory requirements by automating the production of information or documents. "Our technology allows us to automate the production of a wide variety of documents, enabling our customers to save time and focus on value-creating tasks, such as risk management or advisory investment services," says Jean-Luc Brach. 

Two years ago, KNEIP underwent another transformation in order to become even more responsive to the many changes taking place in the industry. "We want to take care of all the administrative requirements linked to the fund lifecycle, and to do so quickly and automatically, by relying on better management of our data," says the CIO. KNEIP has adopted new guidelines for information governance and an open IT architecture. "We have transferred the management of our entire infrastructure to EBRC, an IT provider who specialises in the management of sensitive data. Thanks to this partner, we benefit from strong safeguards regarding information security and the availability of our services."

By working with an infrastructure that evolves along with its needs, the Luxembourg-based company KNEIP can focus on the development of new services in order to maintain its position as a market leader.

Published in LG, October 2016