COMO An end-to-end payment management platform
COMO Global has decided to host its digital payment management platform with EBRC. COMO is an intelligent payment solution that unifies the entire transactional ecosystem and provides merchants with access to the largest selection of payment solutions in a single place. It allows international merchants to manage complex transactions fluidly. An interview with Vaughan Owen, CEO of COMO Global.
In a digital economy that knows no borders, payment management can quickly become complicated. To solve this, COMO has developed an integrated payment management platform with the aim of making life easier for merchants.

The entire payment value chain on a single platform

The solution integrates and coordinates all the necessary resources for payments in a single place: payment gateways, payment service providers, accounting solutions, fraud prevention... "COMO has the world’s largest selection of payment providers on a single platform, and the system automatically choses the best payment providers along the value chain for each transaction. It takes into consideration factors such as the location of the beneficiary, risk profile, the currency and so on", explains Vaughan Owen, CEO of COMO. Clients can access all the services of the best players in payment through one platform. In addition, a high level of automation can greatly reduce the complexity and friction caused by the number of the parties involved in a transaction. COMO also manages all accounting services such as reconciliation, splitting of payments, the pay-out of suppliers etc.”

Dealing with real complexity

COMO, which is developing an international presence, has set up its main office in Luxembourg in 2014. "Our first clients are in the fields of transportation and travel. In terms of payment, they have to deal with many different players and channels, and they need to manage an array of international constraints. Our platform responds well to the needs of these companies confronted with real complexity."

Critical security and availability issues

COMO has entrusted EBRC with the operational management of its systems. "We have found a technical partner in Luxembourg that meets our requirements. Managing a platform like ours requires addressing critical information security and availability issues. EBRC, with its PCI/DSS certification, also allows us to manage credit card payment data. By relying on EBRC, we can confidently focus our efforts on creating value for our clients and improving our services."

Published in LG Magazine - Oct. 2017