EBRC strengthens its presence in France
The Luxembourg company takes a stake in Digora Joining the ranks of Digora's shareholders strengthens the service offer of EBRC (European Business Reliance Centre) and opens the doors of the French market, a decisive step in its international strategy. The answers to security issues in a more open, more interconnected and therefore more vulnerable environment have moved from the protection of systems to the protection of data, applications and processes themselves. The main priority for the business stakeholders is to ensure trust.

An solid answer for security issues

EBRC is a European player in cloud and ICT services. Its reputation as a trusted partner stems from 17 years of experience serving the banking, finance and insurance sector in Luxembourg under the supervision of the CSSF (Financial Sector Supervisory Body).”Second in line after New York and before London in terms of fund management, Luxembourg is an international financial centre bringing together global players with high standards, says Jean-François Hugon, EBRC Head of Marketing. Since then, this know-how has been used to serve various stakeholders who need to preserve their data, to make better use of it, and who want to take advantage of highly available systems to ensure the continuity and performance of their business, including players in online trading, biotechnology and health, FinTech, space, governmental and European institutions, the media, critical industries, gaming, and so on.”

Security as a growth driver

The mission of EBRC is data protection. The company looks at digital transformation in the light of a security strategy including risk assessment, security tools and specific priorities that must be invested in to ensure trust. From its Tier IV Data Centres to specialised system engineers, the IT expert has an unrivalled offer to address the key issues of any digital transformation.

EBRC's guiding principle? Ensuring that security is no longer seen as an obstacle to the digital transformation but as a welcome advantage enabling future growth. Only those who gain the trust of their users will survive in the digital economy. The awards, including the ‘Best Cloud Transformation Methods’ received in 2016 as part of the European competition EuroCloud, reflect this culture of excellence. Today, EBRC is the only European player with three Tier IV ‘Design’ certified Data Centres, the highest level of certification issued by the Uptime Institute. Two of these Data Centres reach the ‘Fault Tolerant Constructed Facility’ level. The infrastructure that underpins the services of EBRC guarantees the highest level of availability and security.

Thus, in 17 years of activity, EBRC can be proud since it has never experienced the slightest interruption of service. Furthermore, the company has accumulated more than 70 awards and certifications, including ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 20000 (service management) and PCI DSS (data security for online transactions). “By focusing primarily on quality, our clients can experience trust. We offer them proven solutions that we have mastered and have put into practice ourselves to meet our own needs”, explains Jean-François Hugon.

At the service of innovation

Forty innovative start-ups have chosen to trust EBRC. Among the notable projects developed and operated by EBRC are the online secure payment method aggregation platform Limonetik and the online fundraising service Leetchi. “These FinTech businesses enjoy a welcoming environment framed by proactive regulation. Once they have obtained a license from the regulatory authorities, they can work across the entire single market. Our goal is to enable them to simplify their IT and to speed up their projects by reducing their time-to-market, a decisive factor in their success”, adds Jean-François Hugon.

"Becoming a leader in Europe", Yves Reding CEO, EBRC

How is EBRC different from other Data Centre providers?

We set the bar very high. Our historical clients are in the banking and insurance sector. They have been joined by players in the FinTech, e-commerce, healthcare, as well as the defence and space sectors thanks to our NATO accreditation. When managing critical client operations, you must guarantee permanent service availability, confidentiality, and traceability. Our approach is to control the entire value chain: from the Tier IV Data Centre, managed operations, cyber security, to the advisory services, including for the protection of personal data according to the GDPR*. Unlike the global industry players, we clearly defend European values. Compared to these giants and their standardised, globalised and rigid offers, we chose a very different strategy: we are agile, close to our customers, and flexible in our contracts.

What's the significance of the alliance with Digora?

They are based in Strasbourg and Paris, with offices in Lille, Rennes, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon, and they are specialized in database management. We are very complementary, especially geographically speaking. Digora’s one hundred employees further strengthen our data management competence centre. Together, we will prove that 1+1 can equal 3.

What's your vision of the future?

Our strategy for 2020 is to reach €100M, which requires multiplying our sales, number of employees, coverage, and client base by 2 compared to 2014 figures. We will push forward twice as fast!

* (General Regulation on Data Protection, European directive, applicable in May 2018)

As part of a strategic alliance, EBRC takes a stake in Digora

Digora, specialised in the management of data and IT infrastructure, announces EBRC (European Business Reliance Centre), a European specialist in the management of critical IT applications and IT security, bought stakes in its capital.

The two companies forged an alliance to offer new services with high added value to European companies by relying on their respective know-how: Digora’s expertise in the performance of IT environments and management of professional applications, and EBRC’s cybersecurity, operation of critical IT infrastructures and Tier IV certified Data Centres. “As part of this alliance, EBRC becomes the sole external shareholder alongside the founders and associate directors of Digora. Moreover, the founders of Digora emphasise the helpful support received since 2012 from Euro Capital, a private equity group owned by Banque Populaire and a major player in SME financing with strong potential. ‘Adding an industrial partner like EBRC to our ranks marks a significant step in the development of Digora. In addition to the sustainability and credibility afforded by this partnership, it will also allow us to consolidate and accelerate our growth domestically and internationally. This further reinforces our strategic development axes around security, hosting and managed services for the critical platforms of our main accounts and medium-sized companies and thus enables the increasing development of our activities as a ‘cloud-broker’ in connection with major vendors like Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS...”, say Renaud Ritzler and Gilles Knoery, co-founders of Digora.