Yves Reding, CEO, EBRC

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Paperjam, every Monday Paperjam.lu looks at one person, place or company and puts it back in the context of the year 2000 ... This week, it looks at the creation of EBRC.

Only a few lines described the creation of the company in the first edition of the Paperjam magazine in June 2000 when it announced the opening 'of the greatest business assistance centre for companies in Luxembourg': Business Recovery Centre. The company announced the availability, in summer, of more than 5,000 square metres of fully operational offices equipped with computers and advanced telecommunications tools, ready to welcome workers after a disaster in their own offices, as well as trading rooms. The company was located in Cloche d'Or.

The announced initial investment was 230 million Luxembourg francs, 5.7 million euros, and some 40 hires were promised. Behind the creation were the companies P&T (41% shareholder), Omnis Sofitec (designer of the IT infrastructure, 10% shareholder) and a consortium of private shareholders united under the name 'Worldtec' who controlled the remaining 49%.

Starting in July 2000, Yves Reding was entrusted with the daily management of the company as its manager, a position he still holds today and in which he accompanied the steep development of a company that employs more than 170 people today.

Three months later, the company underwent its first name change, adding the letter "e" to its original acronym.

Le bras ICT des P&T

But the first strategic shift occurred in 2004, when the company underwent a massive increase in capital from 3 million to 10 million euros via a rise in the participation of P&T which pushed its 40% stake all the way up to 93.4 % (it is at 100% today). At the same time, the company got the triple status of supporting PFS ('financial sector professional'), with a license as customer communication agent, administrative agent for the financial sector and operator of IT systems and financial sector communication networks.

In the process, EBRC changed its name to represent the evolution of its business towards a notion of resilience. Thus, in spring 2005 the company became the e-Business & Resilience Centre.

The development was also reflected by the sites of operation, since the historic site in Cloche d'Or had, over the years, been joined by a new facility in Windhof and then others in Kayl, Betzdorf.

Objectifs internationaux

The company owes its double-digit year-over-year growth to the diversification of its activities that are far from being confined to data centres alone. Over the years, it expanded its service portfolio to become a centre of excellence in terms of security, the cloud and managed services and it was able to rely on its technological infrastructure and know-how to attract some major international players, particularly from Asia and the United States, to the Grand-Duchy.

But the ambitions of EBRC do not stop at the borders of Luxembourg and Yves Reding, in a recent interview with IT One, announced international expansion in 2015 and the years to follow with, in the next five years, the establishment of data centres in France, Belgium and Switzerland, partnerships in Asia and North America and strategic equity investments. 'It is likely that by 2020, EBRC will employ 500 people, including 200 abroad', he added.

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