EBRC : 19% growth in 2015

EBRC, the undisputed leader in the Greater Region in the management of trusted ICT services, continues its steady double-digit growth with a 19% increase in 2015.

In 2015, EBRC thus achieved a turnover of € 57.5 million and now has 63 new customers.

EBRC, "European Business Reliance Centre", envisions becoming a centre of excellence, a trusted European centre in the management of sensitive information.

More than 300 clients now completely or partially let EBRC manage their ICT and security needs. These customers are mainly of international origin, from areas including: banking & finance, insurance, fintech & e-payment, e-commerce, critical industries, health and biotechnology, international institutions, public sector and defense, space, media, service providers, law firms, start-ups, etc.

In a context of accelerated digitisation of the economy, EBRC supports its customers through a full range of integrated and certified services ranging from its "Trusted Data Centre Services" to ICT outsourcing services ("Trusted Managed Services" and "Trusted Cloud Europe"), without neglecting the management of information security, targeted advisory services for risk management, business continuity and IT transformation.

In 2015, EBRC has strengthened its model based on trust and security by obtaining new certifications, including the certifications ISO 27018 (protection of Personal Identifiable Information - PII - in the Cloud) and ISO 22301 (management system for business continuity).

Always focusing on how to support its customers and on how to guard against new threats, EBRC has strengthened its "Security Operations Centre", which is fully certified and available 24h a day, launched its CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and deployed new service offerings for information security via its international partners.

After having received several awards including "Best Cloud Service Provider Europe 2015" at the DataCloud Europe Awards in Monaco, EBRC continues its international expansion in neighbouring countries (mainly France, Belgium and Switzerland) via an external growth strategy initiated in 2015 and which should make further progress in 2016.

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