Digitalising the life of the board
In conjunction with EBRC, Loomion offers an innovative and secure solution to improve organisation and communication within a company's board. It facilitates the sharing of documents, exchanges between directors and, ultimately, corporate governance.

The company Loomion was born from the expertise of Markus Bosch. This digital leader, who spent several years serving the board of a major pharmaceutical group based in Switzerland, has developed a solution facilitating the organisation of the life of executive committees and the exchange of documents between their members. In Luxembourg, Loomion has recently developed a partnership with EBRC, which hosts and operates the solution, in order to offer it more easily to local players.

Facilitating exchange

"Our solution, which is based on SharePoint, allows the secretariat of the executive board to  inform members of upcoming meetings,  as well as assist them in getting prepared by making the relevant information and documents readily available.” Board members have secure access to the required documents from wherever they are. Via the platform, they can comment, annotate documents, sign or solicit the opinions of other board members. "Our platform effectively digitalises the life of the board and facilitates collaboration among its members.” All documents and information are encrypted on the servers, during transmission, and on the device on which they are accessed. Accessing it requires strong authentication requiring several elements.

Deployment in Luxembourg

"In Luxembourg, we have already implemented a specific environment, based on EBRC's infrastructure, to meet the needs of the Board of Directors of Banque de Luxembourg,” explains Markus Bosch.  Loomion allows its customers to host the solution at their convenience, whether on their server or in a data centre and it has developed a partnership with EBRC to accelerate the distribution of the tool. "We wanted the back up of a solid partner, with certifications and PSF status. This allows us to respond more easily to the requirements of each client, small or large, adapting to his needs. "

A board free of constraints

"The solution has demonstrated its relevance by bringing complete satisfaction to our customers. With it, the executive committee is freed from many constraints. Administrators can be more mobile in their work, without the need to carry large amounts of paper.  The solution allows real efficiencies, as well as cost savings by avoiding unnecessary printing. Above all, it provides for greater responsiveness at the level of governance.” The security guarantees offered by the solution also assist companies in meeting the new data protection requirements.

"Administrators can be more mobile in their work without the need to carry a lot of paper with them.”

“We wanted the back up of a solid partner, with certifications and PSF status.”

Loomion is "Powered by EBRC". Want to learn more about this project and the opportunities ? Visit our page "Powered by EBRC"