Bankable: a unique platform to manage all cash flows

The London FinTech company "Bankable" relies on Luxembourg’s IT infrastructure. Its innovative transactional platform operates out of EBRC's data centres. The platform, used by banks and other international players who need to handle a very large amount of transactions, is a tool to improve efficiency, but also a source of innovation.

Located at the heart of Europe, Bankable is a London FinTech company created by a French entrepreneur. It caters to large transactional banks, but also to multinational corporations, insurance companies, large telecom groups and global marketplaces that need to manage a massive amount of payments every day...

"To meet these needs, we have created a unique transactional platform from which we facilitate the management of payments. Compatible with any technology, the platform can interface with all incoming and outgoing payment methods that exist today. Whether they are B2B payments by card, bank transfer or direct debit, or B2C, such as mobile payments and peer-to-peer transfers, our platform is flexible and fully adaptable," says Eric Mouilleron, founder and CEO of Bankable. "We are partnering with banks, which can benefit from all the services of our platform as a white-label product and offer them to their clients. Through the platform, our customers can easily innovate and thus strengthen their differentiating characteristics," says the CEO.

Bankable supports its customers beyond the provision of this unique platform, by also offering various payment solutions.

Deploying innovative new services more quickly

The bank, by outsourcing its payment services, no longer has to invest in complex internal solution development. The use of an external platform like that of Bankable allows the bank to deploy innovative services much faster.

The platform targets both banks and international companies, for whom the platform is a tool to quickly and radically improve the customer experience. For example, that's what an insurance company did while offering "delayed flight" insurance to customers ordering flight tickets online. The subscription happens online and each payment, which is associated with useful data on the traveller, passes directly through the platform. "In this specific context, the platform incorporates a monitoring tool for flight delays. As soon as a delay of two hours is detected - which gives the customer the right to compensation - a notification is automatically sent to the passenger. He is prompted for his IBAN to instantly receive the amount due by the insurer, says Eric Mouilleron. For the insurer, this automated process eliminates manual tasks on a large scale. By late afternoon, the platform allows you to initiate a single transfer operation to all the known account numbers. Policyholders thus benefit from immediate and simple processing of their case. "

A platform operated by the teams of EBRC

Bankable is a company established in London, yet its IT platform is operated from Luxembourg.
"To ensure greater peace of mind, we looked for the best partner. We found it in Luxembourg. All our servers have been entrusted to EBRC's teams. We enjoy an exceptional level of service, with secure procedures and strong guarantees that allow us to convince our new customers and our most demanding partners. In such an environment, we can consider scaling our operations without worrying, while ensuring high-quality service to our customers worldwide," adds Eric Mouilleron.

Published in Letzebuerger Gemengen, July 2016